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The Ethanol Report

Interviews and reports on issues of interest to the ethanol industry, sponsored by the Renewable Fuels Association

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Ethanol Report 2-8-24

RFA CEO Geoff Cooper previews the 2024 National Ethanol Conference

February 8 • 15m


Ethanol Report 2-8-24 cover art

Ethanol Report 2-8-24

RFA CEO Geoff Cooper previews the 2024 National Ethanol Conference

February 8 • 15m
Ethanol Report 1-18-24 cover art

Ethanol Report 1-18-24

RFA Senior Vice President of Industry Relations and Market Development Robert White from the Washington DC Auto Show

January 18 • 20m 12s
Ethanol Report 12-26-23 cover art

Ethanol Report 12-26-23

2023 Year in Review

December 26 • 27m 11s
Ethanol Report 12-15-23 cover art

Ethanol Report 12-15-23

RFA Welcomes Recognition of GREET Model in SAF Tax Credit Guidance

December 15 • 17m 21s
Ethanol Report 11-10-23 cover art

Ethanol Report 11-10-23

RFA announces Veterans for Renewable Fuels (VRF)  Comments from RFA president and CEO Geoff Cooper, RFA Board Vice Chair Jeff Oestmann, RFA board member Tony Leiding, RFA Director of Environment, Health and Safety Justin Schultz, and Robert White, RFA’s Senior VP of Industry Relations and Market Development.

November 9 • 22m 4s
Ethanol Report 10-12-23 cover art

Ethanol Report 10-12-23

Interview with RFA Chairman Erik Huschitt, CEO of Badger State Ethanol

October 12 • 25m 31s
Ethanol Report 9-21-23 cover art

Ethanol Report 9-21-23

September 21 • 16m 56s
Ethanol Report 8-31-23 cover art

Ethanol Report 8-31-23

Renewable Fuels Association at Farm Progress Show RFA president and CEO Geoff Cooper discusses RFA Efforts Seek Fair Treatment for Ethanol as SAF Feedstock RFA VP of Industry Relations Robert White talks about RFA’s Flex Fuel Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle project Jared Mullendore, RFA Policy Counsel and Director, Government Affairs

August 31 • 16m 45s
Ethanol Report 8-9-23 cover art

Ethanol Report 8-9-23

RFA President and CEO Geoff Cooper provides an update on the latest issues including the Midwest governor's petition for E15, the Flex Fuel Fairness act, EPA's proposed tailpipe emissions standards and defining SAF.

August 9 • 26m 20s
Ethanol Report 7-21-23 cover art

Ethanol Report 7-21-23

RFA chairman Erik Huschitt, Badger State Ethanol, discusses highlights of the organization board meeting in Washington DC

July 21 • 19m 23s
Ethanol Report 6-21-23 cover art

Ethanol Report 6-21-23

In this edition of The Ethanol Report podcast, RFA Senior Vice President for Government & Public Affairs Troy Bredenkamp discusses the final rule from EPA, as well as new legislation proposed for sustainable aviation fuel, and the current status of the Midwest Governors’ Year-Round E15 petition.

June 21 • 20m 24s
Ethanol Report 5-23-23 cover art

Ethanol Report 5-23-23

The Renewable Fuels Association recently created two new positions in the organization with the future of the ethanol in mind and hired a couple of talented young industry experienced individuals to round out a team ready for the challenges and opportunities ahead. Tad Hapner is the organization’s new Vice President of Strategy and Innovation and Justin Schultz is RFA’s new Director of Environment, Health & Safety. Both have unique backgrounds in the ethanol industry that are especially suited to their new roles.

May 24 • 22m 14s
Ethanol Report 4-28-23 cover art

Ethanol Report 4-28-23

EPA Approves Summertime Waiver for E15 - Again Renewble Fuels Association Senior VP, Government & Public Affairs Troy Bredenkamp With audio from EPA Administrator Michael Regan, Rep. Randy Feenstra (R-IA), and Rep. Rusty Johnson (R-SD)

April 28 • 22m 45s
Ethanol Report 4-14-23 cover art

Ethanol Report 4-14-23

Summertime E15 Sales in Limbo RFA CEO Geoff Cooper and RFA Chief Economist Scott Richman

April 14 • 35m 48s
Ethanol Report 3-23-23 cover art

Ethanol Report 3-23-23

RFA’s VP for Industry Relations Robert White discusses flex fuel EV Jeff Wilkerson, Pearson Fuels Phillip Morris of the Locust Street Group

March 23 • 17m 53s
Ethanol Report 3-6-23 cover art

Ethanol Report 3-6-23

This edition of the Ethanol Report podcast includes highlights from the NEC, including remarks from RFA President and CEO Geoff Cooper; Ben Hengst, EPA Deputy Director, Office of Transportation and Air Quality; Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds; Former Rep. Cheri Bustos (D-IL); RFA Director, Government Affairs Jared Mullendore; Dana Jackson, Partner with RSM US; Former RFA chair Randall Doyal; and current RFA chair Erik Huschitt, Badger State Ethanol.

March 6 • 20m 19s
Ethanol Report 1-30-23 cover art

Ethanol Report 1-30-23

Preview of 2023 National Ethanol Conference with RFA staff members Jared Mullendore, Scott Richman, Ken Colombini, and Robert White

January 30 • 30m 48s
Ethanol Report 12-19-22 cover art

Ethanol Report 12-19-22

Ethanol Year in Review 2022 - interview with RFA president and CEO Geoff Cooper

December 19 • 26m 43s
Ethanol Report 11-23-22 cover art

Ethanol Report 11-23-22

New pipeline projects in the Midwest utilizing Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Sequestration (CCUS), also called Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS), technology offer the opportunity for the ethanol industry to lead the way to a net zero energy future and the Renewable Fuels Association is supporting that pathway for its members. In this episode of the Ethanol Report podcast we hear from a number of stakeholders in the carbon pipeline space: RFA chairman Erik Huschitt with Badger State Ethanol, RFA president and CEO Geoff Cooper, Summit Carbon Solutions Chief Commercial Officer Jim Pirolli, Navigator CO2 vice president of government and public affairs Elizabeth Burns Thompson, Wolf Carbon Solutions senior vice president for corporate development Nick Noppinger, South Dakota farmer and ethanol plant founder Ron Alverson, and Nebraska Farm Bureau Federation president Mark McHargue.

November 23 • 27m 44s
Ethanol Report 10-28-22 cover art

Ethanol Report 10-28-22

Interview with new RFA chairman Erik Huschitt, CEO of Badger State Ethanol

October 27 • 20m 31s
Ethanol Report 10-18-22 cover art

Ethanol Report 10-18-22

Export Exchange 2022 Comments from RFA's Kelly Davis and Ann Lewis; Neal Kemmet with ACE Ethanol; and Matt Fitzthum, CHS

October 18 • 17m 7s
Ethanol Report 10-6-22 cover art

Ethanol Report 10-6-22

Janet Fisher, Lallemand Biofuels, talks about RFA's Young Professionals Network

October 6 • 14m 48s
Ethanol Report 9-27-22 cover art

Ethanol Report 9-27-22

RFA President and CEO Geoff Cooper and National Corn Growers Association CEO Jon Doggett discuss The Set - what EPA has to do regarding the RFS for 2023

September 26 • 13m 11s
Ethanol Report 9-1-22 cover art

Ethanol Report 9-1-22

Ethanol Report from Farm Progress Show with RFA President and CEO Geoff Cooper, Director of Government Affairs Jared Mullendore, and VP of Industry Relations Robert White

September 1 • 17m 23s
Ethanol Report 8-23-22 cover art

Ethanol Report 8-23-22

RFA VP Technical & Regulatory Affairs Kelly Davis and US Grains Council President and CEO Ryan LeGrand discuss exports and the upcoming Export Exchange

August 23 • 15m 8s
Ethanol Report 8-5-22 cover art

Ethanol Report 8-5-22

RFA VP of Government and Public Affairs Troy Bredenkamp breaks down what the Inflation Reduction Act contains for ethanol industry

August 5 • 13m 26s
Ethanol Report 7-13-22 cover art

Ethanol Report 7-13-22

Jackie Hayes, Director of Business Development and Client Relations with the National Corn-to-Ethanol Research Center in Illinois, discusses the Renewable Fuels Association Young Professionals Network

July 13 • 18m 18s
Ethanol Report 6-23-22 cover art

Ethanol Report 6-23-22

In this edition of the Renewable Fuels Association Ethanol Report podcast, we take a look at the legislation and hear from its supporters, including Reps. Abigail Spanberger (D-VA), Cindy Axne (D-IA), Angie Craig (D-MN), and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. Then we talk with RFA senior vice president of government and public affairs Troy Bredenkamp about the importance of the Lower Food and Fuel Costs Act for the ethanol industry and what it's chances are in the Senate.

June 23 • 17m 57s
Ethanol Report 5-25-22 cover art

Ethanol Report 5-25-22

RFA president and CEO Geoff Cooper discusses Memorial Day gas prices and E15. He also talks about the pending RVO release June 3, preventing bias in RFS review, and what needs to be done to address rail challenges. RFA's Missy Ruff then tells us about ethanol safety and an industry safety milestone

May 24 • 23m 50s
Ethanol Report 4-29-22 cover art

Ethanol Report 4-29-22

In this edition of The Ethanol Report podcast, we talk with RFA Vice President of Industry Relations about the governors' move and the latest on increasing availability of higher blends. Then RFA chief economist Scott Richman discusses how today's corn ethanol now provides nearly three times the energy used to produce it and it keeps improving.

April 29 • 22m 8s
Ethanol Report 4-14-22 cover art

Ethanol Report 4-14-22

President Joe Biden at Iowa ethanol plant and interview with RFA president and CEO Geoff Cooper

April 14 • 24m 35s
Ethanol Report 3-29-22 cover art

Ethanol Report 3-29-22

Rep. Angie Craig (D-MN) discusses Home Front Energy Independence Act RFA's Troy Bradenkamp talks about how ethanol works to lower gas prices

March 29 • 22m 48s
Ethanol Report 3-14-22 cover art

Ethanol Report 3-14-22

RFA Celebrates Partnership with NCGA RFA president and CEO Geoff Cooper, NCGA CEO Jon Doggett, NCGA chairman John Linder, NCGA president Chris Edgington, and USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack

March 13 • 12m 37s
Ethanol Report 2-25-22 cover art

Ethanol Report 2-25-22

This edition of The Ethanol Report includes some of the highlights of the 2022 NEC. Hear from Renewable Fuels Association president and CEO Geoff Cooper, Chairperson Jeanne McCaherty of Guardian Energy, EPA Office of Transportation and Air Quality Director Sarah Dunham, lifecycle analysis expert Isaac Emery, Volkswagen Latin America's Pablo Di Si, author and energy consultant Bob McNally, Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack, Lanzajet CEO Jimmy Samartzis, GEVO Chief Commercial Officer Tim Cesarek, and National Corn Growers Association president Chris Edgington.

February 25 • 18m 31s
Ethanol Report 2-14-22 cover art

Ethanol Report 2-14-22

Ethanol Goes Off Road Again with new Hauk Designs Project RFA Vice President for Industry Relations Robert White, designer Kenny Hauk, and Missouri Corn CEO Bradley Schad

February 14 • 16m 34s
Ethanol Report 1-31-22 cover art

Ethanol Report 1-31-22

RFA president and CEO Geoff Cooper previews the 2022 National Ethanol Conference

January 31 • 11m 2s
Ethanol Report 12-22-21 cover art

Ethanol Report 12-22-21

RFA President and CEO Geoff Cooper talks about some of the challenges the ethanol industry has faced in 2021, as well as the opportunities opening up in the net-zero future and excitement about the upcoming NEC.

December 21 • 24m 42s
Ethanol Report 12-9-21 cover art

Ethanol Report 12-9-21

RFA president and CEO Geoff Cooper breaks down this week's announcements from USDA and EPA and what they mean for ethanol producers

December 9 • 15m 6s
Ethanol Report 11-12-21 cover art

Ethanol Report 11-12-21

There at the Beginning: Kelly Davis

November 12 • 11m 26s
Ethanol Report 10-29-21 cover art

Ethanol Report 10-29-21

Chuck Zimmerman talked with Renewable Fuels Association president and CEO Geoff Cooper about how ethanol is an immediate solution for cutting greenhouse gas emissions from transportation worldwide.

October 31 • 13m 4s
Ethanol Report 10-18-21 cover art

Ethanol Report 10-18-21

RFA VP of Industry Relations Robert White talks about 13 years of promoting ethanol at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

October 17 • 13m 4s
Ethanol Report 9-17-21 cover art

Ethanol Report 9-17-21

September 17 • 13m 13s
Ethanol Report 9-3-21 cover art

Ethanol Report 9-3-21

Robert White, Geoff Cooper, Rep. Cheri Bustos (D-IL), Reps. Mike Bost, Darin LaHood, Rodney Smith

September 3 • 15m 47s
Ethanol Report 8-16-21 cover art

Ethanol Report 8-16-21

There at the Beginning - Bob Dinneen

August 16 • 20m 1s
Ethanol Report 7-29-21 cover art

Ethanol Report 7-29-21

RFA 40th anniversary feature on Bob Reynolds

July 29 • 14m 46s
Ethanol Report 7-15-21 cover art

Ethanol Report 7-15-21

Audio with RFA CEO Geoff Cooper, Senior VP for government and public affairs Troy Bredenkamp, Past RFA Chair Mick Henderson with Commonwealth Agri-Energy in Kentucky, and RFA board member Walt Wendland, CEO of Ringneck Energy in South Dakota

July 14 • 22m 31s
Ethanol Report 6-30-21 cover art

Ethanol Report 6-30-21

RFA summer ethanol promotions with VP for Industry Relations Robert White.

June 30 • 13m 54s
Ethanol Report 6-10-21 cover art

Ethanol Report 6-10-21

RFA 40th anniversary feature with Bruce Heine

June 10 • 17m 31s
Ethanol Report 5-21-21 cover art

Ethanol Report 5-21-21

RFA 40th Anniversary feature on Ron Miller

May 20 • 17m 12s
Ethanol Report 5-13-21 cover art

Ethanol Report 5-13-21

The California RFS and Ethanol: 10 Years of Reducing GHG

May 13 • 16m 31s
Ethanol Report 4-28-21 cover art

Ethanol Report 4-28-21

RFA CEO Geoff Cooper, Biofuels Coalition counsel Matt Morrison, DOJ attorney Chris Michel

April 28 • 15m 59s
Ethanol Report 3-31-21 cover art

Ethanol Report 3-31-21

RFA CEO Geoff Cooper gives one year update on COVID recovery

March 31 • 21m 33s
Ethanol Report 3-4-21 cover art

Ethanol Report 3-4-21

The report includes remarks from David MacIntosh, Environmental Health & Engineering Inc.; Stefan Unnasch with Life Cycle Associates; and Michael Berube, Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary for Transportation, who all spoke at the 2021 NEC. In addition, we have comments from Renewable Fuels Association CEO Geoff Cooper, Chief Economist Scott Richman, and VP of Industry Relations Robert White.

March 4 • 21m 49s
Ethanol Report 2-19-21 cover art

Ethanol Report 2-19-21

RFA CEO Geoff Cooper Rep. Cheri Bustos (D-IL) Former House Ag Committee Chair Collin Peterson RFA Director of Market Development Cassie Mullen

February 19 • 19m 5s
Ethanol Report 1-28-21 cover art

Ethanol Report 1-28-21

Interviews with Troy Bredenkamp, Missy Ruff, and Robert White

January 28 • 24m 6s
Ethanol Report 1-15-21 cover art

Ethanol Report 1-15-21

Renewable Fuels Association president and CEO Geoff Cooper provides an update on the latest developments and RFA chief economist Scott Richman talks about what President-elect Joe Biden could do on Day One in office to reduce carbon emissions by 12 million metric tons.

January 15 • 21m 32s
Ethanol Report 12-28-20 cover art

Ethanol Report 12-28-20

Comments come from Renewable Fuels Association president and CEO Geoff Cooper, RFA Chief Economist Scott Richman, Senior Strategic Advisor Bob Dinneen, Vice President of Industry Affairs Robert White, Director Of Market Development Cassie Mullen, RFA board members Jeanne McCaherty with Guardian Energy, Randy Doyal with Al-Corn Clean Fuel, Neil Koehler with Pacific Ethanol, and Chuck Woodside of KAAPA Ethanol.

December 26 • 27m 4s
Ethanol Report 12-15-20 cover art

Ethanol Report 12-15-20

December 15 • 21m 31s
Ethanol Report 11-25-20 cover art

Ethanol Report 11-25-20

Transitioning to a digital NEC and sharing the ethanol story with farm broadcasters

November 24 • 25m 50s
Ethanol Report 11-6-20 cover art

Ethanol Report 11-6-20

November 6 • 17m 12s
Ethanol Report 10-16-20 cover art

Ethanol Report 10-16-20

October 16 • 27m 8s
Ethanol Report 9-30-20 cover art

Ethanol Report 9-30-20

Audio with RFA CEO Geoff Cooper, NCGA president Kevin Ross, NFU Biofuels Advisor Anne Steckel; ACE CEO Brian Jennings; Rep. Collin Peterson (D-MN); USDA Secretary Sonny Perdue

September 30 • 16m 54s
Ethanol Report 9-21-20 cover art

Ethanol Report 9-21-20

Comments on EPA denying retroactive refinery waivers, Brazil extending TRQ for 90 days, and actions that could make E15 more available

September 21 • 15m 47s
Ethanol Report 8-28-20 cover art

Ethanol Report 8-28-20

August 28 • 20m 33s
Ethanol Report 8-14-20 cover art

Ethanol Report 8-14-20

August 14 • 19m 7s
Ethanol Report 7-31-20 cover art

Ethanol Report 7-31-20

RFA General Counsel Ed Hubbard RFA Manager of Member Relations Jackie Pohlman RFA CEO Geoff Cooper

July 31 • 23m 56s
Ethanol Report 7-15-20 cover art

Ethanol Report 7-15-20

July 15 • 16m 20s
Ethanol Report 6-25-20 cover art

Ethanol Report 6-25-20

Audio with Reps. Collin Peterson (D-MN), Roger Marshall (R-KS), Dave Loebsack (D-IA), Rodney Davis (R-IL), Cindy Axne (D-IA), National Sorghum Producers CEO Tim Lust, NCGA CEO Jon Doggett, and RFA CEO Geoff Cooper

June 25 • 22m 2s
Ethanol Report 6-11-20 cover art

Ethanol Report 6-11-20

President Donald Trump National Corn Growers Association president Kevin Ross SIRE CEO Mike Jerke RFA chief economist Scott Richman RFA president and CEO Geoff Cooper

June 11 • 13m 33s
Ethanol Report 5-29-20 cover art

Ethanol Report 5-29-20

May 29 • 14m 28s
Ethanol Report 5-15-20 cover art

Ethanol Report 5-15-20

Geoff Cooper, President and CEO, Renewable Fuels Association Neil Koehler, Chairman, RFA; Co-Founder and CEO of Pacific Ethanol Tim Winters, President and CEO of Western New York Energy

May 15 • 20m 48s
Ethanol Report 4-30-20 cover art

Ethanol Report 4-30-20

Neil Koehler, Chairman, RFA; Co-Founder and CEO of Pacific Ethanol Mike Jerke, CEO of Southwest Iowa Renewable Energy Mick Henderson, General Manager, Commonwealth Agri-Energy Scott Richman, Chief Economist, Renewable Fuels Association Geoff Cooper, President and CEO, Renewable Fuels Association

April 30 • 21m 34s
Ethanol Report 4-16-20 cover art

Ethanol Report 4-16-20

April 16 • 23m 6s
Ethanol Report 3-23-20 cover art

Ethanol Report 3-23-20

With remarks from: RFA Chief Economist Scott Richman Jeanne McCaherty, CEO, Guardian Energy Management Randy Doyal, CEO, Al-Corn Clean Fuel Chad Friese, General Manager, Chippewa Valley Ethanol Co. Geoff Cooper, RFA President and CEO

March 23 • 21m 27s
Ethanol Report 3-16-20 cover art

Ethanol Report 3-16-20

SRE case update from Erik Huschitt, Badger State Ethanol; Kevin Ross, National Corn Growers; and Bob Dinneen, Renewable Fuels Association

March 16 • 12m 49s
Ethanol Report 2-14-20 cover art

Ethanol Report 2-14-20

RFA CEO Geoff Cooper, EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler, RFA counsel Matt Morrison, RFA Senior Strategic Advisor Bob Dinneen

February 14 • 26m 6s
Ethanol Report 1-31-20 cover art

Ethanol Report 1-31-20

Interviews with RFA CEO Geoff Cooper, South Dakota farmer Ron Alverson, and RFA VP of Industry Relations Robert White

January 31 • 23m 53s
Ethanol Report 1-20-20 cover art

Ethanol Report 1-20-20

Audio with - Renewable Fuels Association CEO Geoff Cooper President Donald Trump USDA Deputy Secretary Steve Censky Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell USDA Under Secretary for Trade Ted McKinney

January 20 • 18m 34s
Ethanol Report 1-6-20 cover art

Ethanol Report 1-6-20

January 5 • 11m 20s
Ethanol Report 12-20-19 cover art

Ethanol Report 12-20-19

December 19 • 17m 41s
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