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Our mission is to provide farms and operators an independent and unbiased outlet for information related to increasing the profitability of their farming operation. We will be providing farms and operators of all sizes and experience levels access to the latest trends, projections, and the tools necessary to increase farming profitability. We will take each episode to deliver latest news, what's working for active farms, and a topic of focus each episode. Remember, if you aren't farming for profit you won't be farming for long.

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Embracing Change: Navigating the Farm Transition Journey w/ Elaine Froese

Embracing Change: Living an Intentional Life on the Farm   Introduction: Award winning author and coach go-to expert for farm families who want better communication and conflict resolution to secure a successful farm transition.   Brief overview of what listeners can expect from today's episode featuring guest Elaine Froese.   Understanding the Cycle of Renewal Discuss the inherent love farmers have for farming and the reluctance to consider change. Highlight the differing perspectives between farmers and their spouses, especially regarding retirement and moving to town. Identifying Your Current Stage Guide listeners through identifying their current stage on the cycle of renewal map. Importance of recognizing where you are in the cycle for personal growth and decision-making. Explore the emotions and challenges associated with each stage. Taking Action Steps Provide actionable steps for listeners based on their identified stage. Discuss what farmers need to let go of, hold on to, and take on to move forward. Emphasize the importance of aligning actions with personal goals and values. Living Intentionally in Agriculture Discuss the concept of living more intentionally within the agriculture community. Explore the various roles they play in agriculture and the importance of choosing roles  Highlight the tools and research available Guidance for women in agriculture experiencing stress and overwhelm. Emphasize the importance of letting go of what's not working for personal well-being and professional growth.   Recap key points discussed in the episode.   Encourage listeners to reach out to Elaine Froese for further assistance in living more intentionally.   How best does Elaine learn something new?

February 19 • 1h 10m 1s


Embracing Change: Navigating the Farm Transition Journey w/ Elaine Froese cover art

Embracing Change: Navigating the Farm Transition Journey w/ Elaine Froese

Embracing Change: Living an Intentional Life on the Farm   Introduction: Award winning author and coach go-to expert for farm families who want better communication and conflict resolution to secure a successful farm transition.   Brief overview of what listeners can expect from today's episode featuring guest Elaine Froese.   Understanding the Cycle of Renewal Discuss the inherent love farmers have for farming and the reluctance to consider change. Highlight the differing perspectives between farmers and their spouses, especially regarding retirement and moving to town. Identifying Your Current Stage Guide listeners through identifying their current stage on the cycle of renewal map. Importance of recognizing where you are in the cycle for personal growth and decision-making. Explore the emotions and challenges associated with each stage. Taking Action Steps Provide actionable steps for listeners based on their identified stage. Discuss what farmers need to let go of, hold on to, and take on to move forward. Emphasize the importance of aligning actions with personal goals and values. Living Intentionally in Agriculture Discuss the concept of living more intentionally within the agriculture community. Explore the various roles they play in agriculture and the importance of choosing roles  Highlight the tools and research available Guidance for women in agriculture experiencing stress and overwhelm. Emphasize the importance of letting go of what's not working for personal well-being and professional growth.   Recap key points discussed in the episode.   Encourage listeners to reach out to Elaine Froese for further assistance in living more intentionally.   How best does Elaine learn something new?

February 19 • 1h 10m 1s
F4F - Young Farmers of Iowa - After Party cover art

F4F - Young Farmers of Iowa - After Party

Check out Terraplex at

February 15 • 59m 54s
Navigating Crop Insurance in 2024: Strategies for Lower Commodity Prices cover art

Navigating Crop Insurance in 2024: Strategies for Lower Commodity Prices

- Commodity Prices are down.  This will result in slightly lower MPCI premiums (15-20%), but it also means much lower per acre guarantees than it did in 2023.  $200 an acre less on corn and $100 an acre less on beans.  Unfortunately, input costs are about the same. I included a quick spreadsheet where I used ISU's estimated costs of production to come up with an implied level of MPCI coverage that would be needed to cover costs. You can see the big differences in '23 and '24 - it is not pretty. - Any good crop insurance agent's first job is to find a level of coverage that can cover input costs.  That was easy in '21-'23.  In 2024, it will be impossible for a majority of farmers - especially if they are not willing to buy higher coverages. So we might be stuck just trying to come close to covering inputs. Farmer instinct's may be to back off of crop insurance in order to save a few bucks, but they really should be looking at more ways to keep losses to a minimum. - So we might need to buy higher coverages.  What are our options?  85%, SCO (86% county based), ECO (95% county based), and private (unsubsidized) add-on coverages.  Folks who bought ECO on Corn in 2023 should be pretty happy.  Prices fell enough that even counties with above average yields will be getting ECO payments.   SCO and ECO have both grown in popularity over their short history and I think we will continue to see them grow in the coming years. FMH also has a couple of add-on coverages that work in tandem with SCO or ECO that are pretty good values.  They are called SCO+ and ECO+.  I can really nerd out on these, but we may not want to get this deep. - SCO is an economical way to buy up, but you can only have it when you have elected the PLC program at FSA. Both ARC and PLC programs are more relevant now than they were in the past several years.  They are far from a crop insurance replacement, but they may come into play in 2024. - High level MPCI products are not always needed for good risk management, but they are always a good value because of the subsidy.  History proves farmers will get back more than they put in if they remain in the same programs long enough.  This is true for all subsidized crop insurance plans. - Private Products like Hail and Wind have not changed much and I don't know of any significant rate changes across the country. - The use of precision data to report acres, production, and complete claims continues to grow.  The typical farmer will reduce premium (FSA acres tend to be overstated) and grow APHs (Dividing the same production by fewer acres). Claims are also completed significantly faster.  - FMH itself has a unique story.  We were founded as a mutual insurance company by a group of farmers in the late 1800s in Early, IA.  They were frustrated with losing crops due to hail so they pooled together financial resources to be paid out to those who had the largest hail losses.  The majority of board members and president at that time were from the same family - the Rutledge family.   The Rutledge's still run the company today and have for the entire 130+ years. This last bit seems odd given crop insurance is unique to the American Farmer, but a high majority of crop insurance companies (I think 11 out of the current 14) are run by larger reinsurers that are foreign entities.  On the other hand FMH is a mutual owned by our private policyholders.  So for this reason - we call ourselves "America's Crop Insurance Company." I also thought of another good story from the playgrounds of Aurelia if you will allow me to indulge.

February 12 • 1h 5m 44s
F4F - Aaron Ninneman "Hey There TikTok" cover art

F4F - Aaron Ninneman "Hey There TikTok"

@ninny1083    Instagram ___    TikTok 161.1k   YouTube _____   Twitter _____      You’re helping more than you know. I have slowly built from a small hay farm to off set taxes. Now I farm 400 acres. The business side of farming is the hardest. You guys help cut through the clutter of everything from operating loans to estate planning and have been super helpful in making me profitable. NMichfarmer via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 01/11/24   Catch Up Where are they from, what do they farm, how did they get into farming How’s the family - do they farm with family? Wisconsin Dairy and beef farmer Wife, 4 boys and 1 girl  What are they up to today? Dairy and beef farmer Farms with his brother His kids help on the farm  Massey 8670, JCB 8310, Fendt 933, Case IH 475 (only machine to make it 2 consecutive years) (Allis tractors?) Precision planting opinion:  HIs grandparents passed away just as the farm starting milking with robots - he has lots of memories of working on farm with them  Other things on farm: Chick coop project just finished up Selling eggs with the increase in eggs being laid in month  Hay - round & square  bales  Makes pure maple syrup on farm  Greenhouse  “Hey there TikTok” His intro to every video  Tell us about the Sign on their farm (lit up for holidays) How has social media changed his life? If you were an animal, what do you think you would be? If you could make anything bigger on your body what would it be?   Hot takes - agree or disagree with the statement and why  Kids should grow up working on the farm  They should be required to work off the farm for 5 years before returning after completing school The youngest child is always the favorite A hot dog is a sandwich  Beer drinking age should be 18 and liquor 21 Elderly people should be required to retake their drivers tests   What’s next for them?   How best do you learn something new?

February 8 • 52m 31s
From Me to We: Navigating Family Dynamics in Succession cover art

From Me to We: Navigating Family Dynamics in Succession

Intro:   My name is Andy Caygeon Junkin.  Originally from Bobcaygeon Ontario and most of my friends call me Bobcaygeon or Caygeon.  Married American farmgirl and live in Mt. Vernon Iowa.   Company name is www.Stubborn.Farm  and I just wrote my 7th book "Stubborn".  My nice:  I help stubborn farmers work better together   1/  What is the one thing that is the difference of perspective between generations about succession planning.    the analogy to a girl being in a long term relationship and yet no ring.  The need for commitment.   2/  What is the one thing that successors don't get, that causes their parents to be hesitant?   (Three points on Page 1 of attached).   What do you suggest that is different than what normal farm succession planners suggest?   (9,000 hour rule -I'll take 4 minutes to explain it) 4/  Over that two year period, what are you trying to do?  Why not just do succession planning in two meetings:   (need for humility vs. pride.  The need to get rid of arrogance and create a culture whereby everyone is humble and listening to each other FIRST, prior to the conversation).   Get a performance review starting with successor for 6 months, then 360 degrees for two years.   5/  Why take the extra time?  Why not just have someone come out and sell you a life insurance policy in an afternoon?   6/  Why did you write this book?  No money in writing books for farmers.  Completely different perspective change how farming is done.   7/  When is the right time to start doing succession planning?  8/  What is the benefit nobody really thinks about before starting your process?   5/  How does a successor get the process started, do you pull an ultimatum or what?     In your experience, what is the common misunderstanding or oversight by successors that causes hesitation from their parents, as outlined in the three points on Page 1 of the attached? Initiating the process as a successor can be challenging. How do you recommend successors approach this, emphasizing humility and the need to create a culture of humble listening within the family? Can you share a benefit of the succession planning process that people might overlook or not consider before starting it, especially in terms of improving family decision-making and its impact on farm profitability? Conclusion:   How do you learn something new the best? They can access a free copy of the audiobook (listen to it like a podcast) at  Avoiding succession planning in a family business can have significant adverse effects on mental health for all involved parties. Here are some potential impacts: Stress and Anxiety: The uncertainty about the future and the lack of a clear succession plan can lead to heightened stress and anxiety levels among family members. Concerns about the business's continuity and the financial well-being of each member can be overwhelming. Interpersonal Strain: Without a structured succession plan, family members may experience increased tension and conflicts. Ambiguity about roles, responsibilities, and future leadership can strain relationships, leading to resentment and misunderstandings. Feelings of Uncertainty: Individuals involved in the family business may feel a sense of insecurity when succession planning is neglected. Not knowing who will take over the business or how it will be managed can create a constant undercurrent of uncertainty. Impact on Leadership: For the current business leaders, the lack of a clear succession plan may hinder their ability to confidently step back or retire. The pressure to continue leading the business without a defined transition plan can lead to burnout and a decline in mental well-being. Family Dynamics: Succession planning involves open communication and collaboration. Without it, family members may experience a breakdown in communication, leading to isolation and strained family dynamics. This can affect both personal relationships and business interactions. Loss of Identity and Purpose: Family businesses often carry a sense of identity and purpose for the individuals involved. The absence of a succession plan may leave family members feeling adrift, questioning their roles and contributions to the business. Impact on Future Generations: In situations where succession planning is neglected, the next generation may experience frustration and a lack of motivation to engage in the family business. This can result in a loss of legacy and continuity. Financial Concerns: The financial implications of a poorly planned succession can contribute to mental health challenges. Concerns about the business's financial stability, inheritance issues, and equitable distribution of assets can create significant stress. Regret and Resentment: Individuals who postpone or avoid succession planning may later regret not taking timely action. This sense of regret can lead to feelings of self-blame and, in some cases, resentment towards other family members. Health Consequences: Prolonged stress and anxiety associated with the absence of succession planning can have physical health consequences. Chronic stress is linked to various health issues, including cardiovascular problems and weakened immune function. In conclusion, avoiding succession planning in a family business can have far-reaching implications on mental health, affecting individuals' emotional well-being, relationships, and overall quality of life. Addressing succession planning proactively can help mitigate these negative effects and contribute to a healthier family and business environment.                   Here are the three common problems that are rarely openly said, but often felt by parents:   1. The parents love their kids, but don’t feel that they can take over full management of the farm. At this stage Dad feels he can’t walk away from the business without it collapsing. He feels that once his kids get the reins, they’ll run the farm into the ground.   2. Although he pretends to be humble, the patriarch is arrogant and thinks he’s smarter. He (or she) doesn’t recognize the contribution of his kids over the past 20+ years to the growth of the business and feels that any non-relative would have been a better employee than the successor’s performance. The patriarch (or matriarch) looks at the farm as his, not ours.   3. Parents fear being pushed off the farm. The different generations have been fighting for control for years and don’t have a great working relationship. Dad fears that once he surrenders majority control of the farm’s shares, he won’t be welcome in the shop and die with his slippers instead of work boots on. Thus, he clinches power to his grave.   In some cases, these beliefs are true, and many times these believes are false. Sometimes it is somewhere in between. These fears aren’t often stated but believe me…they are subtly there.   The legendary tale of Alexander the Great and the Gordian Knot dates back to ancient times. According to the story, when Alexander encountered an intricate, seemingly impossible-to-untie knot in the city of Gordium, he decided to tackle it in an unconventional manner. Faced with the challenge, he drew his sword and sliced through the knot, rather than attempting to untangle it as others had failed to do. This bold and decisive action was interpreted as a sign of his destiny as a great conqueror and ruler. The "cutting of the Gordian Knot" has since become a symbol for solving complex problems or overcoming challenges through innovative and forceful means, emphasizing the importance of thinking outside the box and taking bold actions when necessary.

February 5 • 1h 13m 19s
F4F - Junkyard Digs, Kevin Brown cover art

F4F - Junkyard Digs, Kevin Brown Pre-Roll 24:30  12:41 Kevin Brown Raised on a farm in rural America, Kevin's passion for tinkering with machinery began at a young age. From fixing up old tractors to scavenging spare parts from the family junkyard, his formative years instilled in him a deep appreciation for the beauty found in the forgotten and discarded. As he grew older, Kevin's love for automotive history led him on a journey of discovery, exploring abandoned barns, scrapyards, and forgotten corners of the countryside in search of automotive treasures. Armed with nothing but his knowledge, determination, and a trusty set of tools, Kevin set out to revive relics of the past, showcasing their stories and breathing new life into their rusty frames. With the launch of Junkyard Digs on YouTube, Kevin invited viewers to join him on his adventures, sharing his passion for automotive restoration and exploration with a global audience. Through his captivating storytelling and hands-on approach, he invites viewers into a world where each rusty chassis holds the promise of a new beginning and the potential for automotive glory. In this episode, Kevin shares insights into his journey from farm life to YouTube stardom, recounting tales of triumph and tribulation in his quest to unearth automotive treasures. From the thrill of discovering a rare classic buried beneath decades of dust to the challenges of restoration in the face of limited resources, Kevin's stories inspire and captivate audiences, reminding us all of the value found in the forgotten corners of our world. Join us as we sit down with Kevin Brown, the man behind Junkyard Digs, and explore the timeless allure of automotive restoration, the joy of discovery, and the enduring spirit of adventure that drives us all to seek out treasures hidden in the most unlikely of places.

February 1 • 1h 1m 43s
Shading Livestock from the Sun and Harvesting the Sun's Energy cover art

Shading Livestock from the Sun and Harvesting the Sun's Energy

WWIA Strobel Shades How does solar work? Solar panels generate DC energy that is sent to an inverter that converts it to AC energy that you can use for your home or business. The system is integrated with your operation and utility making everything seamless. No need for any crazy upgrades to integrate solar. Any excess energy that you are not using at the time will be sent back to the grid and you will build credits. When the sun sets you will use the credits that you build up. ○ Let's clarify what we do. We are not involved in “solar farms utility grade” WE DO NOT TAKE UP HUNDREDS OF ACRES OF FARMLAND ○ We help offset the cost of electricity of operations by installing solar that is connected to the grid. Depending on the interconnection agreement the solar system can offset 50-100%. ○ You will still get a power bill but reduced. Saving thousands of dollars every month.   Why should farmers invest in solar? The biggest motivation to go solar is the money the farmers can save by reducing monthly power bills and freeing up capital that can be diverted elsewhere or added to the bottom line. Solar Incentives USDA REAP GRANT 50% Total Project up to 1 Million dollars Investment Tax Credit 30% Tax Credit - This goes against your tax liability. It can carry back 3 years or carry forward up to 22 years.New law has passed that you can sell the tax credits as well. Depreciation- A solar energy system is classified as farm equipment. There are also bonus credits depending on location. How much does a solar energy system cost? There isn’t a one-size-fits-all option for solar. Every system is unique. There are many factors to consider. This would include whether it will be roof mounted or ground mounted. How much trenching, wiring,conduit, panel count,inverter count and specific engineering. The great news is that panel prices have dropped in price and will remain flat for a long time. When you add up all the incentives and they can be applied, the incentives pay for the entire project. What is an interconnection agreement? The agreement establishes all the terms and conditions associated with operating the customer's solar system in parallel with the utility's electric power system.   Every electricity company is different. Especially in rural areas. A lot of these terms and conditions haven’t been updated since the 1980s.   What size solar energy system will my farm need? Accuracy is absolutely imperative in order to set realistic expectations. We use the most recent 12 months worth of utility data and analyze everything. This ranges from energy pattern, rate structure, demand charges, on and off peak. We use sophisticated technology to analyze ROI, IRR, payback period and 25 year savings. Also a financial model is presented along with any type of loan option if one is requested. We even take a look at the last 30 years of historical weather data in the exact location of the project. Attention to every detail is important for someone to have the best experience possible. Why go solar now? Won't the technology be cheaper down the road? There has never been a better time to pursue a solar project. The panel technology is so efficient that future technology will be incremental. The alignment of incentives and grants has made this investment a no brainer. There is no other piece of farm equipment that has a 30% tax credit and a grant that can cover up to 50% of the cost. The reality of the grant is we don't know the future of the grant in 2025. It is possible that it can be reduced or stay the same. The fact is it would be a gamble to wait. What is the process for going solar? Evaluation of Project Contract Execution Engineering Design Permitting & Interconnection Approval Equipment Procurement Installation & Commission Long-Term O&M and Monitoring Will solar panels power my building when the grid is down? These systems are interconnected with the grid. If the grid goes down the solar shuts down. This is a safety measure with the utility company. There cannot be any live power while the lineman are working to fix any grid issues. This is where a battery backup can be introduced. Battery technology is still very new and the prices will come down over the years. This should be the last resort considering all farms have generators.

January 29 • 1h 1m 56s
F4F - Chris Koch - Farming with No Arms or Legs cover art

F4F - Chris Koch - Farming with No Arms or Legs

Chris Koch – “X” @IfICan79 5.7k   Insta @Ifican.chriskoch 17.3k    Facebook 49k Awesome show! Whether you are interviewing someone or just talking I have learned from every show. I am an engineer by trade but love farming. This show has taught me so much and I love discussing it with farmer friends! Manure hauling Mike via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 01/11/24     born and raised in the small farming and ranching community of Nanton, Alberta. Within hours of when I was born my grandma was informed that my parents gave birth to a healthy baby boy however, I was missing both arms and both legs. Without any hesitation whatsoever she simply pointed out the fact that, “Bruce (my father) never did finish anything he started”. I grew up just like any other small-town kid. I played road hockey and baseball with all the others my age I helped out on my grandpa’s farm operating equipment whenever I could. Life was pretty normal. study History and Psychology at University as well as working with The War Amputations of Canada. The War Amps was always, and still continues to be a very important influence in my life. Their Child Amputee (CHAMP) Program has assisted thousands of kids across Canada who were either born missing limbs or lost them due to accidents or for other various reasons. After being away from home for about five or six years it was time to move back to southern Alberta. the opportunity to start working on “If I Can…” It had originally started off as a travel show idea “If I Can…” has since evolved into a message that I deliver via the videos on YouTube as well as speaking at schools, conferences and various other events and venues. Fast-forward to today and I still continue to work in the farming and ranching industry. When I’m not out in the field I am traveling around as a motivational speaker. Been on with Oprah Network (Dr. OZ), has a TedX talk Skateboarding a 10k in Switzerland, completed multiple marathons, Where has he traveled?   How does he best learn something new?   Jail/Prison for a year or: Never participate in another race Never speak to a group of kids again Favorite Food Favorite Drink Guilty Pleasure How long would he spend in prison to have legs?   Or arms? Which would he rather have?

January 25 • 53m 43s
Discussing the Best Sales and Negotiation Strategies for You cover art

Discussing the Best Sales and Negotiation Strategies for You

"Cultivating Success: Sales Strategies for Agribusiness" Introduction of our esteemed guest, St John Craner, (pronounced SIN JIN) founder of Agrarian, sales coach, author, and speaker in the agricultural domain. Introducing St John Craner, his business: Agrarian based in New Zealand New Zealand’s most trusted rural sales and marketing training company, dedicated exclusively to the business of agribusiness. share some strategies, tools, and techniques he teaches on human-centered selling and sale psychology to rural sales teams and managers His podcast (48 episodes so far): The Rural Sales Show & he has been featured on many others His book: “How To Succeed In Rural Sales”highlighting his diverse roles as founder, author, speaker, and contributor to reputable publications in the agribusiness space. Who needs sales skills? Farmer to landlords Farmer to understand sales people Direct to consumer What else? The Changing Landscape of Agribusiness Sales Discussing the evolving dynamics of agribusiness sales and how it differs from traditional selling methods. Exploring St John's emphasis on supporting the buyer's buying process and the importance of speaking the buyer's language. Trusted parties rather than a race to the bottom price Human-Centered Psychology in Sales applying human-centered psychology to transform the sales process. universal principles that can be applied to sales teams worldwide, emphasizing the significance of understanding and connecting with the buyer on a deeper level. Does this work in reverse when connecting with a seller? Can we use this as a leg up in negotiations? Bridging the Sales-Marketing Gap What is the gap between sales and marketing in rural companies? buyer's buying process versus traditional, self-serving selling techniques. Should our listeners be building their own brand? Learning to Speak the Buyer's Language Unpacking the essential skill of learning to speak the buyer's language and its impact on sales success. practical tips and techniques for sales professionals in the agribusiness sector. Where does one gain perspective? Winning negotiations Is it true to never split the difference? Does anchoring work when starting a discussion? What are some good tips for our farmers to get better outcomes in negotiations? Thanks to St John Craner for sharing invaluable insights into sales strategies for agribusiness. Summary Challenge

January 22 • 48m 39s
F4F - Kirsten Diprose - Rural Podcasting Co (AUS) cover art

F4F - Kirsten Diprose - Rural Podcasting Co (AUS)

@ruralpodcastingco      Instagram: 636    Twitter: 4.6k                             @theimpossiblefarmerher          Instagram: 3.1k Where are they from, what do they farm, how did they get into farming How’s the family - do they farm with family? Caramut, Victoria, Australia Ag communicator Farmer and former ABC journalist Podcast builder and coach: ruralpodcastingco  Podcast: Ducks on the Pond Podcast for rural women Interviewed over 50 women  Address unique challenges and opportunities faced by women living in rural areas Rural Podcasting Co Started this year (2023) Coaching - help start podcast Full Podcast Service - develop and produce podcast for individual/business Speaking - event host, next speaker, or podcast guest  Services  Consult: One 90 minute 1:1 session - review individuals content The Pod Launcher: strategy session, 1:1 coaching calls, templates, content reviews and feedback Rural Pod Connect: 30 minute monthly coaching session, group mentoring sessions, templates, content reviews and feedback Podcast Ignite: 90 minute session, coaching calls, templates, content reviews and feedback, voice coaching About Kirsten Journalist for 15 years For Australian broadcasting Corporation Still occasionally present programs Conversation Hour on ABC Radio Melbourne & the Newspaper round on ABC News  2013: moved to a farm 2014: Received the Quill for Reporting Disability (nominated again in 2016) 2021: appointed a Board Director of South West TAFE Currently deputy chair Lives on mixed grazing and cropping farm in south-west Victoria w/ husband & two boys  Adventuring into incorporating a dairy into their farming business Harvested on Christmas this year How has social media changed her life? How would they start it over differently? Which is their favorite social media platform?  If you were an animal, what do you think you would be? Right now, who inspires you? If you could make anything bigger on your body what would it be?   Word association - Take the word we share and say the first thing that comes to mind connecting it to agriculture Movie                                       Hunter                                      America Humorous                                 Fence                                      Rescue Neighborhood                          Smart                                       States Tool                                         Tire                                          Coffee Catalog                                    Exercise                                   Tourist Sunrise                                    Staircase                                  Agronomy                                   What’s next for them? What can our listeners do to help? What do you enjoy most about what you do?

January 18 • 1h 6m 16s
Flight to Future: Benefits and Uses of Spray Drones w/ Terraplex cover art

Flight to Future: Benefits and Uses of Spray Drones w/ Terraplex

In this episode of the Farm4Profit podcast, we dive into the world of agricultural innovation with two industry disruptors, Danny Assman and Ryan Schroeder. As spokespersons for Terraplex, they share their journey from feedlot owner and commodity trader to pioneers in the drone technology space. Segment 1: Meet Danny and Ryan Introductions and background of Danny Assman (AUSMAN) and Ryan Schroeder (SHRAADER). Explore their unlikely partnership and the decision to venture into drone technology. Segment 2: From Feedlot to the Sky Discuss the intriguing story behind why a feedlot owner and a commodity trader decided to invest in drone technology. Uncover the exciting outcomes when feedlot expertise meets the capabilities of drone technology. Segment 3: Iowa Aerial Applicators to Terraplex Trace the origins of Iowa Aerial Applicators and its evolution into Terraplex. Highlight lessons learned as business owners in the cutting-edge technology space. Segment 4: The Terraplex Difference Unpack the new business model that addresses farmers' needs and focuses on scalability. Explore the challenges farmers face in the online retail marketplace and how Terraplex turns the "Buy & Crash" scenario into a loyal customer base. Segment 5: Terraplex Team Dynamics Highlight the diverse talent pool assembled by Terraplex, including technology experts, support specialists, and agronomic backgrounds. Discuss how this team differentiates Terraplex from other agricultural retail businesses. Segment 6: Forecasting Drones in Agriculture (2024) Danny Assman shares his expert forecast for drones in agriculture in 2024. Address the need to eliminate online retail as an option for farmers and dispel misconceptions discouraging adoption. Segment 7: Farmer Payback with Terraplex Explore the benefits of partnering with Terraplex, including eliminating fears of flying drones, navigating regulatory challenges, and achieving fast payback on investments. Discuss how Terraplex puts farmers in control of their crops through efficient scalability and instant decision-making. Segment 8: Understanding Regulatory and Compliance Fears Delve into the core fears farmers face regarding regulatory and compliance issues in adopting drone technology. Segment 9: Importance of Choosing the Right Partner Emphasize the crucial role of choosing the right partner in agricultural technology adoption. Highlight that WHO YOU BUY FROM is as important as the technology itself. Conclusion: In this enlightening episode, Danny Assman and Ryan Schroeder offer a glimpse into the transformative world of Terraplex drones and how they are reshaping the future of farming.

January 15 • 1h 7m 4s
F4F- Chad Bell - Super Bowl Commercial Star! cover art

F4F- Chad Bell - Super Bowl Commercial Star!

@bellfamilyfarms.  22.9k on titkok   Chad Bell – NW Illinois 6th Generation family farm Corn, Soybeans, Wheat, Pigs How was the growing year? Runs a gleaner combine Super bowl commercial Using social media to educate consumers How would he do it differently? Do activists attack him? What benefits has he received? Is it beeswings or red dawg, red eye?  When did he decide he wanted to be a farmer? What has he changed on the farm from other generations? What are the important parts of serving on boards or being involved? What are his hobbies? What is he looking forward to next year?     Would you rather? Iowa Corn or Nebraska Corn Cyclones or Hawkeyes Beach vacation or national park Cocktail or beer Steak or Pork Chop Spring or Fall Breakfast or Supper     Listener Review – Apple You guys are crazy…..good stuff….Thanks to John Deere and Sukup for supporting them ….great stuff Iowa Land Guy – Doug Bear     What would you tell someone who may have lost their fire or passion for farming?

January 11 • 55m
Market Check: Assessing the Pulse of Ag Equipment & Land cover art

Market Check: Assessing the Pulse of Ag Equipment & Land

General Questions First let’s start by comparing this time last year to this year.  Have there been more or less sales in 2023 than 2022? Is Covid officially done causing issues to the equipment market?  Will Farm Bill discussions have any influence on the market? How about foreign relations with China or the battle in Ukraine? Overall do you feel the current market and recent sales are stronger or weaker than a year ago? What about new equipment?   How are PUK’s effecting the market? What effect do interest rates have on purchasing power? Who have the sellers been? Who have the buyers been? When you reflect on successful sales.  Is there something sellers have been doing that has really been working? or set their sale apart from the rest? How about flipping the script.  What is your best advice for a buyer Do you have a prediction for 2024? Anything else you’d like our listeners to know? Reminder to share CONTACT INFO    What’s your favorite part about what you do? Summary Challenge

January 8 • 1h 23m 51s
The Path to Greatness - Get Started Right cover art

The Path to Greatness - Get Started Right

"The Path to Greatness"   The journey to greatness, self-discovery, and achieving one's fullest potential. Set the tone with motivational music.   Clip 1: The Rock-Denzel Washington, Rocky, Steve Harvey Discuss the importance of perseverance, mental resilience, and the "day one" mentality. Emphasize the power of self-belief and the quote, "It's not over until I win." Clip 2: The Power of 365 Days Explore the idea of committing to giving one's all for 365 days without self-sabotage. Highlight the importance of putting in the work consistently over time. Clip 3: Warren Buffet's Wisdom on Prioritization Discuss the significance of prioritizing the top goals and avoiding distractions. Encourage listeners to set exceptional goals for the year. Clip 4: Mel Robbins and Finding Happiness Comparing past moments of happiness with the present and making positive changes. Emphasize the impact of daily habits on overall happiness. Clip 5: Steve Harvey on Owning Your Own Happiness Discuss the importance of challenging personal narratives and enjoying the journey. Emphasize the role of personal responsibility in finding joy. Clip 6: Surfer's Mentality Discuss the importance of enjoying the entire experience of life, including challenges. Relate the surfer's mindset to embracing both highs and lows. Clip 7: Unconventional Happiness Discuss the idea that happiness can come from unexpected places. Clip 8: Turning Hurt into Motivation Resilience and determination required to turn negative experiences into positive actions. Clip 9: Doing What You Don't Want to Do Discipline and mental toughness required to do things you don't want to do. Explore the idea that the path to success often involves discomfort and persistence. Clip 10: Stop Procrastinating Share strategies for overcoming procrastination. The importance of visualizing the future and making choices aligned with long-term goals. Clip 11: Compilation of Motivational Quotes Discuss common themes, such as hard work, resilience, faith, and the belief in oneself. Encourage listeners to reflect on their own goals and commitment to greatness. Conclusion Challenge Hosts Resolutions?                   Clip1 The Rock-Denzel Washington, Rocky, Steve Harvey,  One day or  day one, it's time to get back to work. Who cares? You're tired.  Nobody cared. It's on you. Cut out all the fucking noise. Get back to the fucking mental lab. You got to go for it. I will never quit. I'm going to win. Seize this very minute. What you can do or even dream you can do and begin it. Now, if you know what you're worth, go out and get what you're worth. But you've got to be willing to take the hits. That's where winning is. There are no crappy jams in the. It's just you and your shadow. Say to yourself, it's not over until I win!   Clip2 What would happen if for the next 365 days,  you gave it your all? What if for the next 365 days, not 366, not 364. What if for the next 365 days, you didn't self sabotage? Who would you be  if for the next  365 days, you didn't quit? Who would you become? What type of person would be bred from that trial, that tribulation? I want to find out. And I think that you're doing a disservice to you, to your family, to your lineage, to your future generations, if you don't try to achieve your fullest potential. So, strive for greatness. Because, on the other side of this pain, this bullshit, this trial, this struggle, is greatness. And you can unlock it. But you gotta put in the fucking hours. You gotta put in the work. Yeah. And you gotta put in the 365 motherfucking days.   Clip3 Warren Buffet Quote As you set your New Year's resolutions this year, I want you to remember my favorite Warren Buffett quote. Take the top 25 things you want to get done this year, and write them all down. And then take number 5 through 25 on that list, and this year, avoid doing these at all costs. If you want to be exceptional this year, then you need to ruthlessly prioritize.   Clip4 Mel Robbins I believe that the reason why you want to be happier is because you miss being happier and you can only miss things that you know. I'll give you a simple exercise that you can do that I did with one of our daughters. She dealt with the depression and the grief by drinking herself into the ground and had a complete breakdown. I said, okay, well, here's what, let's start here. First of all, I want you to have this breakthrough where you realize you do know what you need to do. So take out a piece of paper and I want you to draw a line down the center. When was a time that you felt happier than you feel right now? Now on the left hand side of the paper, I want you to write down all the things that were happening in your life then. Like what did your day to day life look like? So you start to write. I left the house at 7 a. m. I was at school all day with my friends. I went to lacrosse practice. I exercised every day. And I'm like, great, now write down what your life looks like now. I sleep till noon. I drink every day. I don't leave the house. I don't exercise. Like, compare. Mm hmm. And change accordingly. Your whole life is about those little things that you do every day. And if you're not happy, get out a piece of paper, draw a line down the center, and write down the things that you were doing when you were a happier or healthier person. And change accordingly   Clip5 Steve Harvey What can I do to be happy? Number one, you have to own your own happiness. Your kids are not going to make you happy. Your spouse is not going to make you happy. A big house is not going to make you happy. Own your own happiness and be responsible for doing those things that bring joy into your own heart, independently of life and people and money and all of that. That it doesn't necessarily give you a happiness. You have to take responsibility of that peace and that joy that lives inside of your heart and not inside of your stuff. The second thing that I think people need to do is challenge their own story because people torment themselves by how they see their life. Challenge your own story. Change the way you talk to yourself about who you are and what happened to you and what you're going to do in your life. You, you wrote the script, changed the story. The third thing that, that, that I think is very important is to enjoy the journey. Not the destination.  A lot of us delay our happiness. When I get to this level, when I get my degree, when I get the kids, when I get married, I'm going to be happy. Enjoy the journey, enjoy the whole step, the whole process. Every day that you get up to strive for whatever it is you're after, you know, I'm a goal oriented guy, but you don't celebrate when you get to the finish line, celebrate all along the way. Celebrate all along the way   Clip6 Surfer If you want to be happier, you need to use something that I call the surfer's mentality. See, because there's something a surfer understands better about life than most other people. See, a surfer wants to get up on the wave, but they don't make the mistake of believing that once they're up, that they're going to stay there forever. When they get up there, they enjoy it and they ride it as far as they can. But at every moment, they realize that that wave is going to crash. and that they're going to fall. And maybe another wave is going to crash on top of them. But they don't let that get them down. Because a surfer understands that there's always more waves coming. And that is the experience of surfing.  Trying to get up on the wave, waiting to get up on the next wave, getting ready and being prepared for the waves. that crash over you. And if you can enjoy the entire experience of being alive, the moments that are challenging as much as the highs, and understand that they are two parts of the same experience, then my friend, you will have won the game   Clip7 MN State Fair What makes you happy? What brings you joy?  Sex.You didn't expect that, did you?   Clip8 And that, um,  that hurt, you know, and I think that just, that flipped a switch in me where I was like, okay, fuck you, watch this   Clip9 Doing what you don’t want to do When that alarm clock goes off at four or five in the morning, your mind says, no, you just say, this is what we do  is what we do now, because to get to where you want to go, the amount of pain involved, the amount of mental pain of how many times you're going to have to do something that you don't want to do to get to where you want to go, there's gonna be more times you do stuff that you don't want to do, then you are going to want to do it.  And then once you do this over and over and over again, it becomes like breathing. I don't want to live this lifestyle, but to get to the other side of this, I have to.     Clip10 Stop procrastinating One of the absolute best ways to get motivation to stop procrastinating and actually start working towards your goals is this. Grab a pen and paper and write down what your ideal life looks like  five years from now and what you have to do in order to achieve that life. Then, right next to it, write down what your life will look like five years from now if you continue to live by the  Have. Put them next to each other and look at them. Look at them and ask yourself which one of these two lives do I truly want and fully realize that you have the option to choose between either one of them. The habits that you are going to live by from this point on will determine which one of these two lives you will end up getting.   Clip11 Adam Sandler – My Tyson – Denzel – Steve Harvey – Kobe – Jay Z – Kevin Hart  You have to think I am the best ever. I'm the most brutal and vicious and most ruthless champion has ever been. What do you want to be in life? I'm a winner.  I'm going to win. So this is how you level up. You need to work hard. The more you put in, the more you get out. It's on you. You can never lose faith. Things don't happen to you. They happen for you. Anything in life will eventually turn good. Always keep going.  Always, no matter what happens, the storm eventually ends.  does and you want to make sure that you're ready.

January 4 • 37m 56s
$520/acre Cash Rent Auction Winning Bid - Story County, IA cover art

$520/acre Cash Rent Auction Winning Bid - Story County, IA

Auctioneer and land owner names were omitted by request

January 1 • 1h 47m 21s
F4F Alexa Borter - Fields Family & Fun cover art

F4F Alexa Borter - Fields Family & Fun

Alexa Borter, a fellow Iowan farmer hailing from Schappsville, Wisconsin. The episode kicks off with a heartwarming listener review from Nick Andersen, expressing appreciation for the podcast's engaging topics. The conversation begins by exploring Alexa's farming roots, from her location in Schappsville to her journey into agriculture. Alexa, who farms corn and beans among other crops, gives listeners a glimpse into her family life, sharing insights into her marriage and introducing her canine companions, Huey and Tippy. She farms her own ground and recently experienced her first crop in 2021. Alexa provides a sneak peek into upcoming changes for the next year, including the remodeling of a farmhouse. The interview covers her hobbies, from fishing and hunting to traveling, floating, and her love for hockey. In the Bench Cut segment, Alexa reveals her preferences on beer, liquor, and coffee, her choice among Case IH, John Deere, and New Holland, and her favorite musicians—Morgan Wallen, Jason Aldean, and Chris Stapleton. The hosts explore her holiday preferences, food favorites (cheese curds, frozen custard, and fries), and her entertainment choices between TV, podcasts, and books. The episode concludes with a glimpse into what's next for Alexa and a reflection on what she loves most about being a farmer and rancher. This intimate and entertaining interview with Alexa Borter leaves listeners inspired by her passion for farming, family, and the joy she finds in the simple pleasures of life.

December 28 • 51m 40s
Celebrating All Friends - New and Old! cover art

Celebrating All Friends - New and Old!

The Value of Having a Nationwide Ag Network: The hosts discuss their experiences and perspectives gained from connecting with farmers nationwide. They explore the question, "Who do you communicate with outside of the state of Iowa?" and share personal anecdotes and success stories about the transformative power of broad social networks in agriculture. Benefits of Having a Large Circle of Friends in Agriculture: The collaborative and knowledge-sharing aspects of a widespread network take center stage. The hosts emphasize the emotional support and camaraderie that come from being part of a larger agricultural community. They reflect on their 2023 journeys, including notable events like NACADE, NFMS, Commodity Classic, Truterra Field Day, Farm Progress, Husker, and Clewiston. Leveraging Technology to Expand Your Network: The podcast explores how social media and online platforms have revolutionized networking in agriculture. The hosts share practical tips on using technology to enhance communication, share ideas, and stay updated on industry trends. A call to action reminds listeners that expanding the network is a collective effort. Stories from Farming Communities Nationwide: The episode features interviews and stories from farmers across the nation who have benefited from a broad agricultural network. From Florida Sugarcane to Gatlin in Oklahoma, Kowalchuk in Canada, Luke in Chesapeake Bay, Bergen in Spain, Derrick Josi's Dairy, Tyne, Chip, Fieldrows Randy, to Quick Dick, the podcast paints a vivid picture of diverse experiences. Listeners are encouraged to share their own stories via social media. Overcoming Challenges and Growing Together: The hosts share insights on overcoming communication barriers and fostering meaningful connections, drawing from their own travel experiences. The role of mentorship in supporting newcomers to the community is discussed, expressing gratitude to the Farm4Profit community and reaffirming the podcast's commitment to fostering a supportive network. Conclusion: The episode concludes by reiterating the importance of cultivating connections in the agriculture community. As the hosts bid farewell, they leave listeners inspired to nurture their networks and continue reaping the benefits of a connected and supportive agricultural community.

December 25 • 47m 6s
F4F - "Just a Jackson Thing" plus Cousins Brad and Becca cover art

F4F - "Just a Jackson Thing" plus Cousins Brad and Becca

In this episode of the Farm4Profit Podcast, hosts tackle an array of topics, from family tractors to miniature farm sets and even the ultimate "Would you rather?" showdown. @justajacksonthing – Jackson (8 yr old) 19,000 TikTok followers Meet Jackson, an 8-year-old TikTok sensation with an impressive 19,000 followers. His miniature farm sets spark curiosity, leading the hosts to ponder whose shop these intricate setups are housed in. Listeners discover that people are sending him toys, including a gift from Growincorn2020. The discussion also touches on Jackson's favorite tractors, his growing collection, and his admiration for Grandpa's equipment. The hosts explore the mystery of "Sweatervest Kyle" and delve into Jackson's adventures, including driving a grain cart with Grandpa. @justbeckythings – Becca (Cousin) Becca, also known as "@justbeckythings," shares her desire to reclaim her account for rants and quirky bad lip syncs. She affectionately refers to her dad as "Grandpa," setting the stage for some family-focused banter. @braddad04 – Brad Laux (cousin) - Indiana Brad Laux, a cousin from Indiana, takes the mic to discuss his JD 7700 combine with a 930f head. The conversation delves into the specifics of his equipment, including an extended auger. The hosts question the number of JD 7700 combines Brad owns and explore the story behind a custom toy. The episode touches on Brad's experiences with a farm simulator and his connection to a tractor chase inspired by a Tony Reed post. The idea of a TikTok page dedicated to finding family tractors sparks interest, leading to a debate on whether there should be a "Stories of Lost Tractors" podcast. The episode wraps up with a lighthearted "Would you rather?" segment: Tune in to Farm4Profit for an entertaining blend of family stories, farm adventures, and the timeless struggle of choosing between sweet tea and lemonade.

December 21 • 1h 7m 6s
Roots of Progress: A Better Way to Farm w/ Rod Livesay cover art

Roots of Progress: A Better Way to Farm w/ Rod Livesay

" A Better Way with Rod" Quick overview of Rod's expertise and the mission of "A Better Way to Farm." Rod's background and how he got started in agriculture. The evolution of his farming philosophy and the birth of "A Better Way to Farm." Philosophy and Approach: Discuss the core principles and philosophy behind "A Better Way to Farm." How Rod's approach differs from conventional farming methods. “Jim’s Story” A Better Way to Farm in Practice:  3. Sustainable Farming Practices: - Exploring sustainable and regenerative farming practices promoted by Rod. - Examples of successful implementations and their impact on yield and soil health. Child’s quote “ if more did it we’d all be averaging 450 BPA Technology Integration: Discuss the role of technology in micro biologicals 3 Fine tuned micros Proper testing Data Sorbitol 4 RS Educational Initiatives: Overview of educational programs and resources provided by Rod's platform. The importance of ongoing education for farmers in a rapidly evolving industry. Tissue Testing Timing Product Challenges and Solutions:  Foliar Feeding Must do everything else right Basics must be done right first Free E-Book available Share success stories from farmers who have implemented "A Better Way to Farm" practices. Mike P Story Highlight the positive impact on both productivity and sustainability. Adapting to Change: The importance of adaptability in agriculture and staying ahead of the curve. Advice for farmers looking to embrace new and innovative approaches. Closing:  Thank You and Outro:

December 18 • 1h 12m 2s
F4F - Recorded on a Train Full of Creators cover art

F4F - Recorded on a Train Full of Creators

In this episode, we get to talk with 5 different guests! We delve into a remarkable experience at U.S. Sugar, where the intersection of agriculture, technology, and precision farming meets a group of 12 influential figures from the agricultural, transportation, and food and beverage sectors. Join us as we explore the highlights of a unique journey through the heart of Florida agriculture aboard the Sugar Express. Our guests, major influencers hailing from various corners of the country and the world, had the opportunity to witness firsthand the incredible innovations taking place at U.S. Sugar. From cutting-edge technology to precision agriculture and a strong commitment to sustainability, the episode unravels the layers of excellence that define U.S. Sugar's operations. The episode celebrates not just the advancements in technology and agriculture but also shines a spotlight on the backbone of U.S. Sugar – its talented employees. Their dedication and expertise play a pivotal role in driving the company's success and contributing to the positive impact it has on the agricultural landscape. As we navigate through the highlights of this "SWEET" journey, listeners will gain insights into the future of agriculture, the role of precision farming, and the sustainable practices that are shaping the industry.

December 14 • 41m 49s
Sweet Secrets: The Journey of Growing Sugarcane cover art

Sweet Secrets: The Journey of Growing Sugarcane

Join us in this captivating episode of the Farm4Profit Podcast as we delve into the intricate world of sugarcane cultivation and sugar production. We explore the journey from "seed" to sweet, uncovering the fascinating processes involved in creating this sweet commodity. The Sweet Beginnings - Planting Sugarcane: Embark on a virtual journey to Clewiston, Florida, hailed as the "Sugar Capital of the US." We provide a brief overview of the region and dive into the meticulous process of planting sugarcane. Explore the ideal conditions for growth, strategic planning, and the timeline of sugarcane cultivation, crucial for a successful harvest. Sugarcane Farming Techniques: Discover the sustainable and innovative farming practices employed by the US Sugar Company. From soil types and fertility to crop rotation and the length of the crop, we unveil the secrets behind successful sugarcane farming. Delve into the role of technology and machinery, including the traditional hand-planted approach, as we explore the environmental impact and sustainability initiatives in sugarcane agriculture. Harvesting Ritual: Uncover the controlled burning and harvesting process of sugarcane, exploring the environmental implications and machinery involved. Gain insights into the significance of timing and precision in harvesting for optimal sugar yield. Transporting Sugarcane to the Mill: Navigate the logistics of transporting sugarcane from the fields to the processing mill. Highlighting challenges and innovations in efficient transportation, we provide a behind-the-scenes look at this crucial stage in the sugarcane journey. From Raw to Refined: Explore "Sugar Mountain" and witness the transformation of raw sugar into the final refined product. Discuss quality control measures and standards maintained in the refining process, and discover the delicate balance between tradition and innovation in the sugar industry. Environmental Impact and Sustainability: Examine the environmental considerations in sugarcane farming and processing. Dive into the industry's commitment to sustainability, exploring initiatives to reduce environmental impact. Highlighting the carbon capture and release dynamics during the sugarcane burning process, we shed light on the industry's efforts towards a greener future. Conclusion: In the concluding segment, we summarize the entire journey from planting sugarcane to refining it into sugar. Join us as we unravel the intricate tapestry of the sugarcane journey, exploring the traditions, innovations, and sustainability efforts within this fascinating industry.

December 11 • 1h 18m 40s
F4F - Micah Barnes - Miss Rodeo Iowa cover art

F4F - Micah Barnes - Miss Rodeo Iowa

In this episode of the Farm4Profit Podcast, we sit down with Micah Lynn Barnes,  with a passion for rodeo and agriculture. Micah shares her journey from NW Iowa, growing up in a rodeo family with Barnes PRCA Rodeo roots, to her college rodeo days and eventually earning the prestigious title of Miss Rodeo Iowa. We explore the multifaceted role of Miss Rodeo Iowa, from extensive travels and photo shoots to the responsibilities of promoting and representing Iowa's rich rodeo and agricultural traditions. Micah gives us a glimpse into her life beyond the crown, sharing her personal connection to farming, ranching, and the rural way of life. Navigating the challenges and rewards of balancing her responsibilities as Miss Rodeo Iowa with her personal and agricultural pursuits, Micah addresses the evolving landscape of rodeo today and reflects on the influences that shaped her journey as a child. To add a touch of fun, we engage in a word association game, exploring Micah's thoughts on terms like "Family," "Competition," and "Tradition." We conclude with a look at what's next for Micah and her perspective on the joys of being a farmer/rancher. Tune in for an inspiring conversation that seamlessly weaves together the worlds of rodeo and agriculture, offering insights into Micah Lynn Barnes's unique journey and her dedication to preserving the rich traditions of the heartland.

December 7 • 52m 22s
Exploring Tax Savings and Planning Tips for Farms cover art

Exploring Tax Savings and Planning Tips for Farms

In this episode, hosts David, Corey, and Tanner discuss the critical importance of tax planning for farmers as the year comes to an end. Acknowledging the challenges of dealing with bankers and CPAs, the hosts draw parallels between modern tax planning and the historical grievances expressed in the Declaration of Independence. They are joined by Bill Glazner, an experienced CPA and ag industry leader from Adams and Brown, to shed light on the latest tax developments. Bill emphasizes the need for ongoing strategic planning and not just relying on year-end meetings. The conversation delves into various aspects of tax planning, including meeting frequency with top-tier clients, the role of fractional CFO services, and the impact of rising interest rates on farmers' financial decisions. Bill also provides insights into disaster aid related to extreme weather conditions and shares lesser-known nuggets of information about tax codes for farmers, such as the ability to write off existing soil fertility. The discussion expands to considerations for farmers approaching retirement, where Bill advises planning well in advance to maximize benefits and minimize complications. Overall, the episode offers practical advice and expert insights to help farmers navigate the complex landscape of tax planning, financial management, and strategic decision-making for long-term success.

December 4 • 52m 59s
F4F - Gatlin Didier aka Darrell Bibbins cover art

F4F - Gatlin Didier aka Darrell Bibbins

Gatlin Didier, a multifaceted personality with a massive social media following—334k on Instagram, 1.8M on TikTok, 232k on YouTube, and 505 on Twitter. A true country soul, Gatlin is not only an actor and producer but also a dedicated rancher, passionate about showcasing the country way of life. We explore Gatlin's roots, spanning generations of farming and ranching since the late 1800s in America, with Didier Ranch operating solely within the family since 1902. Born and raised in rural western Oklahoma, Gatlin shares his journey from a childhood on the family's 120-year-old ranch to studying journalism and acting at the University of Oklahoma, ultimately making a mark in LA's acting scene. Gatlin's career took an unexpected turn during the COVID-19 pandemic, leading him back to the farm. He created engaging content like "Farm Stuff with Darrell," explaining farm life with Darrell Bibbins, his cousin, and grandmother. Gatlin's accomplishments include being named among Cowboys and Indians Magazine's Top 21 Influencers and working with notable brands such as Dot’s Pretzels, John Deere, and NASCAR. In a lighthearted segment,  We also play "Start, Bench, Cut" with choices ranging from farm essentials to country music icons. As we wrap up, Gatlin shares insights into his future plans and reflects on what he loves most about being a farmer/rancher. Join us for a fascinating journey into the heart of country living with Gatlin Didier. Don't forget to tune in and enjoy the show!

November 30 • 1h 20m 12s
Navigating Commodity Markets with Andrew Kabes, COO of Lighthouse Commodities cover art

Navigating Commodity Markets with Andrew Kabes, COO of Lighthouse Commodities

Marketing w/ Lighthouse Commodities Andrew Kabes – COO (pronounced Kubbish like “Rubbish”) Contact Number is 701-516-8025 We are joined by Andrew Kabes, the Chief Operating Officer (pronounced Kubbish like "Rubbish") of Lighthouse Commodities. With a rich background in the commercial grain industry, Andrew takes us on a journey through his early years, including working for the largest inland BNSF shuttle loader and merchandising a significant portion of the US white proso millet crop. Delving into the heart of grain merchandising, Andrew defines its relevance for row crop farmers and livestock producers. He emphasizes the importance of effective grain management and outlines key components crucial for success in this field. Looking forward, Andrew provides a comprehensive outlook on the commodity market, discussing crops and livestock. He sheds light on the significance of forward commodity market outlook for livestock producers, explores the impact of commodity prices on livestock production, and identifies the factors influencing market trends. Risk management takes center stage as Andrew explores strategies for both crops and cattle, including forward contracting and hedging techniques. Balancing risk and reward in commodity trading becomes a key focus. In the toolbox segment, Andrew discusses various tools available for farmers, catering to both beginners and seasoned professionals. For amateurs seeking to understand grain merchandising, he provides valuable guidance, educational resources, and courses to build a foundational understanding. Drawing on expert insights, Andrew shares what his best clients are doing better than anyone else, along with their experiences and lessons learned. He offers valuable advice for navigating the complex terrain of commodity markets. Looking ahead, the episode explores the future outlook for grain merchandising and commodity markets, discussing anticipated challenges and opportunities. A recap of key takeaways wraps up the episode, followed by contact information and a warm thank you to the audience for tuning in. Stay informed, stay engaged, and happy listening!

November 27 • 1h 5m 42s
F4F - John Kowalchuk - Mr. Smith! cover art

F4F - John Kowalchuk - Mr. Smith!

@kowalchukfarms1      Instagram 1.8k    TikTok 13.7k   YouTube 661  Twitter 20.8k In this episode, we dive into the world of agriculture and social media with John Kowalchuk from @kowalchukfarms1. With a substantial following on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Twitter, John shares his mission to promote agriculture to the general public. We explore his passion for showcasing farm life, discussing why he feels compelled to share the story of his farm with a broader audience. We start by delving into John's roots – a Central Alberta (Canada) farmer with a wife, three kids, and the invaluable help of his brother and son during harvest. John shares insights into the crops they cultivate, emphasizing the importance of unity among farmers. As we tour John's farm, we learn about the history behind the 100-year-old barn and the extensive work he's put into the property. John's down-to-earth demeanor shines through as he talks about his experiences with unexpected October snow, hosting Italian visitors, and the beauty of harvest sunsets. The episode takes a turn to discuss the 2023 harvest recap, covering the performance of barley, wheat, and canola. John reflects on the challenges and successes of the season, highlighting the significance of weather conditions. We explore how social media has become a game-changer for John, discussing his motivations, preferred platforms, and how he navigates the ever-changing landscape of online content creation. From TikTok to YouTube, John shares the unique aspects of each platform and the impact they've had on his life. In a lighthearted segment, John takes on the "Start, Bench, Cut" challenge, offering his preferences on various farming and lifestyle choices. From crops to social media platforms, John provides entertaining insights into his preferences. Wrapping up the episode, we peek into the future with John, exploring what's next for @kowalchukfarms1. John reflects on the joys of being a farmer and shares what he enjoys most about his agricultural journey. Tune in for a captivating conversation that blends the world of farming, social media, and the passion behind @kowalchukfarms1.

November 23 • 1h 1m 45s
RYSE Aero, Leaftech Ag, and Sukup : Innovating Tomorrow's Farming cover art

RYSE Aero, Leaftech Ag, and Sukup : Innovating Tomorrow's Farming

In this episode, RYSE Aero Technologies takes the spotlight as it secures a spot on TIME's Best Inventions of 2023 list in the Transportation category. Mick Kowitz, CEO of RYSE Aero Technologies, expresses pride in the groundbreaking RECON, an ultralight eVTOL flying vehicle capable of water take-offs and landings. The RECON, available for purchase in the U.S., has logged over 600 flights, showcasing its accessibility and innovation. Leaftech Ag enters the scene with its revolutionary handheld "Digital Lab," transforming plant analysis with geo-location precision. Delivering rapid, site-specific data on nutrient composition, Leaftech Ag accelerates corrective actions and enhances environmental stewardship, providing a cost-effective solution to elevate crop potential. Sukup brings expertise in grain drying, offering efficient Mixed-Flow, Cross-Flow, and Tower Dryers equipped with the QuadraTouch Pro™ control system. As a family-owned company with a rich history, Sukup's commitment to innovation and sustainability sets the standard in the agriculture industry. This episode unfolds the narratives of three trailblazing companies, each contributing to the evolution of agriculture through technological advancements and groundbreaking solutions. From transformative eVTOL vehicles to handheld digital labs and state-of-the-art grain dryers, these innovations redefine the landscape of modern farming, setting new standards for efficiency, productivity, and sustainability.

November 20 • 1h 4m 6s
F4F - One Legged Mommy - Josie Wendel cover art

F4F - One Legged Mommy - Josie Wendel

@theoneleggedmom               Instagram 32.7k   TikTok 1M    YouTube ___   Twitter ____   Launch Had her entire leg amputated up to her hip joint, and she also had the muscles and tendons cut out of her arm - Had 28 surgeries during the nearly 2 months she spent in the hospital - 4th person in US to have this, and the only one to survive  Review – text line – Mike from the East Coast I’ve listened since 2020 and I always learn something new on the profit shows.  Thanks for taking the time and effort you put into every show. “Go Hawks” Josie Wendel Where are they from, what do they farm How’s the family - do they farm with family? Josie Wendel - Mom of 3 - Farm Wife - 31 What are they up to today? – Mom night out? Amputee In 2015 was diagnosed with a rare strand of necrotizing fasciitis and become an amputee after less than 24 hrs of feeling sick Woke up at 3am on April 3, 2015, with aches and a fever Assumed she had contracted a late-season flu and called off work while their 10-year old son went with his babysitter At noon she developed painful muscles spasms that lasted hours Spent 6 hours taking hot showers because it was the only thing that made her feel better When her husband arrived home at 6pm, she made the decision to go to the ER Waited in the emergency room as it was full at the time Her parents got the hospital around 9:30 pm  Found a football sized bruise on her left shin after ripping the blankets off of her leg (wasn’t there 4 hours ago) Life flighted to another hospital around midnight  1st surgery she had a 5% chance of coming back out  Amputated below her knee with goal of preserving her quality of life Ended up needed at hi disarticulation, an amputation where the entire leg all the way up to the hip joint is removed 2 day after surgery displayed symptoms of necrotizing fasciitis in her forearm - rushed to surgery then  Took out all the muscles and tendons from the top of her arm to clean it out Put a skin graft on top of her arm When her husband wasn’t at the hospital with her he was home making adjustments to it to make it handicap accessible She was in the SICU for 3 weeks before being moved to the burn unit for 2 more week Spend last weeks in the rehab unit Sent home on May 21, 2015 Only saw her son twice in the hospital Had her entire leg amputated up to her hip joint, and she also had the muscles and tendons cut out of her arm Had 28 surgeries during the nearly 2 months she spent in the hospital 4th person in US to have this, and the only one to survive        Today: Works on the farm  Running the tractor Cattle chores Playing with her kids    Word association - Take the word we share and say the first thing thing that comes to mind connecting it to agriculture Coffee                                     Kids                                         Bacon   Steak                                       Cattle                                       School Vodka                                      Traffic                                      Circle Chapter                                   Text                                         Sweat Sentiment                                Houseplant                              Harvest Pumpkin                                  Museum                                  Laughing    What’s next for them? What can our listeners do to help? What can we do to help?   What does she like most about farmers?

November 16 • 36m 1s
From Nutrients to Irrigation: Exploring Subsurface Technologies cover art

From Nutrients to Irrigation: Exploring Subsurface Technologies

Introduction: Brief overview of precision agriculture and the importance of efficient nutrient delivery and irrigation. Segment 1: Meet the Innovators Introduce the representatives from Nutridrip and Netafim. Background, role, and tie to agriculture. Company mission and goals. Segment 2: Nutridrip's Role in Precision Agriculture Discuss Nutridrip's focus on nutrient delivery. How Nutridrip addresses specific challenges in crop nutrition. Key products and technologies offered. Segment 3: Netafim's Impact on Irrigation Explore Netafim's role in precision irrigation. Overview of drip irrigation technology. How Netafim contributes to water efficiency in agriculture. Key products and solutions provided by Netafim. Segment 4: Intersection of Nutrient Delivery and Irrigation Discuss how Nutridrip and Netafim collaborate or complement each other. Examples of successful joint projects. The synergy between precise nutrient delivery and efficient irrigation. Segment 5: Technological Advancements Highlight the latest technological innovations from Nutridrip and Netafim. How technology is shaping the future of precision agriculture. Real-world examples and success stories. Segment 6: Industry Challenges and Solutions Address common challenges in nutrient delivery and irrigation. How Nutridrip and Netafim provide solutions. Insights into overcoming obstacles in precision agriculture. Segment 7: Environmental Sustainability Discuss the environmental impact of Nutridrip and Netafim technologies. How precision agriculture contributes to sustainable farming practices. Future goals for environmental stewardship. Segment 8: Farmer Engagement and Adoption Explore how farmers are responding to Nutridrip and Netafim technologies. Success stories from farmers who have adopted these innovations. Challenges in encouraging widespread adoption. Segment 9: What's Next for Nutridrip and Netafim Future plans, projects, and innovations in the pipeline. Expansion into new markets or technologies. Opportunities for collaboration with farmers and the agriculture community. Segment 10: Closing Thoughts Recap key insights from Nutridrip and Netafim representatives. Express gratitude for their contributions to precision agriculture. Encourage listeners to explore Nutridrip and Netafim technologies. Outro: Thank the audience for listening. Mention upcoming episodes and topics. Invite feedback, reviews, and suggestions. This outline provides a structured flow for the podcast episode, allowing for an in-depth exploration of Nutridrip and Netafim and their impact on precision agriculture.

November 13 • 59m 53s
F4F - Luke McFadden Chesapeake Bay Crabber cover art

F4F - Luke McFadden Chesapeake Bay Crabber

Luke @fvsoutherngirl             Instagram: 251k   YouTube: 361k     TikTok: 1.6M   Launch 27 year old first generation crabber and selling crabs direct to consumer Review – Apple Podcasts Matt R 844, 10/20/2023 -Love the show and please keep it up and more John Deere equipment please. Not a farmer yet but want to be a farmer Luke Where are they from, what do they farm, how did they get into farming How’s the family - do they farm with family? 27, a first-generation crabber Chesapeake bay waterman,Captain: F.V. Southern Girl (30ft fishing vessel) - Wife, Lindsey - helps with sales  Last day of crabbing season: October 12  Not an average year: this year had a lot of problems and challenges crabbing every day, selling every weekend and day, written every ad for crabs w/ price,  answered every phone call and text Shipped crab that’s gone across the country  Done a merch line, Shooting, editing, and posting 6 videos a week  Can it catch  Trying baits that the viewers suggest  What were some of the most random things?  Goals: Knowledge of sea creatures He speaks for the watermen whose livelihood is affected by regulations He’s raising money for a group of kids to get a day on the water Growing up  Dad is a psychiatrist and his mom is a stay-at-home mom  Started with an 8ft dingy he bought with $175 of lawnmowing money at 11 Says he doesn’t like working out sponsorship deals? Why?  Maryland Watermen’s Association Will be on the billboard before the be national convention in January  How has social media changed his life? If you were an animal, what do you think you would be? If you could make anything bigger on your body what would it be?   Would you rather Only use tiktok for social media or have everything but tiktok  Use gummy worms or bananas as crab bait  Speak in front of a conference or be recognized at a NFL game  Compete in a rowing competition or bobsledding competition Have a huge (400+) wedding or a small (50) wedding  Shout all the time or only whisper Look like a crab or smell like a crab    What’s next for them? What can our listeners do to help? What does Luke like most about farmers?

November 9 • 1h 12m 37s
Planning and Sizing: Keys to the Perfect Grain Handling Facility cover art

Planning and Sizing: Keys to the Perfect Grain Handling Facility " Building Your Grain Handling Facility Right"   Explain the importance of proper planning and considerations when building or expanding a grain handling facility. Discuss the significance of choosing the right location for your grain handling facility. Explain factors like soil type, drainage, and accessibility. Highlight the importance of proper space and land use planning. Sizing Up Your Grain Bins Explain the various considerations for selecting the appropriate grain bin size. How do you know how wide and how tall to go? Discuss how crop volume, storage needs, and crop diversity impact bin size decisions. Mention factors like grain quality, airflow, and temperature control. Grain Receiving Capacity Discuss the importance of grain receiving capacity for efficiency. Explain how to choose the right number and size of receiving pits or augers. Drag or auger? Highlight strategies for minimizing bottlenecks during harvest. Grain Drying Capabilities Explain the significance of grain drying in preserving crop quality. Discuss different drying methods and technologies. What kind of dryers are there? How do we know what one is right for our farm? Offer guidance on sizing and selecting the right grain dryer for your operation. Powering Your Facility Explore options for the source of power, do you have to have 3 phase? Discuss backup power solutions to ensure uninterrupted operation. Mention energy efficiency considerations. Methods of Unloading Discuss various unloading methods, such as augers, conveyors, overhead bins and legs. Explain the pros and cons of each method. Provide tips on selecting the right unloading equipment for your facility. Safety and Compliance Emphasize the importance of safety in grain handling facilities. Discuss safety measures, training, and equipment. Automation and Technology Explore the role of automation and technology in modern grain handling facilities. Discuss benefits like remote monitoring, data management, and predictive maintenance. Highlight the potential for improved efficiency and profitability. Maintenance and Long-Term Considerations Talk about the importance of ongoing maintenance for facility longevity. Discuss strategies for preventing wear and tear. Summarize  Challenge

November 6 • 59m 18s
F4F w/ Brandon Hunnicutt - Deeply Rooted in Technology cover art

F4F w/ Brandon Hunnicutt - Deeply Rooted in Technology

Brandon Hunnicutt works with his father and brother on land that has been in his family for nearly 120 years. As a 5th generation Nebraska farmer, his days are packed with farm responsibilities, yet he finds time to serve on the National Corn Growers Association and Nebraska Checkoff boards, act as chair of Field to Market, and chase around his seven kids. He’s also learning as much as he can about carbon and sustainability. ​“And when I’m really bored, I start learning about blockchain, because why not?” he laughs. Today, Brandon’s farm grows corn, popcorn, soybeans, and seed corn. Giltner, Nebraska, where Hunnicutt Farms is located, is a good area for corn. In fact, Nebraska is the Cornhusker State for a reason — the state ranks third in the nation for corn production overall, and first in popcorn.  Although the farm has been operating for over a century, the challenges Brandon and his family face today are very different from past decades. Not too long ago, cross-pollination and herbicide drift weren’t understood as serious issues, and many growers didn’t think about an insecticides’ ability to kill everything in a field — harmful or not — from an environmental perspective. Today, concerns about the environment and climate change play a much larger role in farm operations and Brandon has seen the focus shift to the broader environmental impact of these practices.“ These are nuances that growers weren’t thinking about even 25 years ago,” he says.

November 2 • 54m 12s
Transforming Irrigation Maintenance & Repairs: An Episode for Any Crop Farmer cover art

Transforming Irrigation Maintenance & Repairs: An Episode for Any Crop Farmer

Direct Pivot Parts – Irrigation Maintenance Travis Stephens, founder of Meet Travis Stephens Background-tie to agriculture Where is he from? Does he farm? Family? Etc…. Discuss his journey and motivation to start Direct Pivot Parts. Was it a struggle to start? Is there anyone like them? Highlight the key products and services offered by Independent rep – how many lines to they sell parts for? Pivot Irrigation What is it? How do the systems work? Why not flood, why not drip? Explain the differences between center pivot, lateral move, and linear move systems. Can you have irrigations pivots anywhere? Factors to consider when designing a system, including field size, water source, and crop type. Direct Pivot Parts - Revolutionizing Irrigation Explain how the platform works and its impact on irrigation systems. Share success stories and case studies from users of the platform. What’s new in the world of irrigation? Is there like a Toyota and a Lexus of pivots? Why do some farmers not buy higher quality parts? What typically breaks down? – what does he sell the most of? What are things our listeners can do to avoid having these common breakdowns? Overcoming Challenges Address the challenges Travis and his team faced while building Direct Pivot Parts. What challenges does he help his customer overcome? What’s it like being in entrepreneurship and navigating the agricultural industry giants. Discuss the future goals and expansion plans for the company. Advice for Aspiring Agricultural Entrepreneurs Offer advice to individuals looking to enter the agricultural tech space. Share valuable resources and tips for success in the industry. Does he need help?   Summary Challenge Invite listeners to visit for more information and resources. What does Travis like most about working with farmers? Encourage listeners to subscribe, rate, and review the podcast.

October 30 • 53m 59s
F4F - Justin Bruch - Has Farmed on 4 Continents cover art

F4F - Justin Bruch - Has Farmed on 4 Continents

Justin is a born and raised 5th generation Iowa farmer.  He has actively farmed on 4 continents and has spent his entire career working in agriculture across North America (USA/Canada), South America, Europe, and Africa.   Justin started working on building Clear Frontier in 2018 and officially launched the business in 2019 after spending 4.5 years as the Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at Canterra Capital. Canterra Capital is the exclusive manager for the Canadian farmland portfolio owned by the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (CPPIB).  During Justin’s tenure in Canada the portfolio grew by 57,000 acres to 175,000.  Justin was responsible for due diligence on new land acquisitions as well as land divestments for the fund.  He also was responsible for working directly with farmers to negotiate new land leases as well as managing active leases in place with tenants.   From 2008-2014, Justin lived and worked in Ukraine.  From 2010 – 2014, Justin was the Chief Operation Officer at Agrokultura Ukraine (traded on Nasdaq Stockholm).  He oversaw the buildup of farmed acres to a height of 135,000 acres as well as refining the portfolio to eliminate the less productive acres.  Justin earned his bachelor's degree in Agronomy from Iowa State University in 2000.  In 2007, he completed his MBA from California State University-Fresno.  Justin is the Co-Founder and Chairman of, one of the largest agriculture crowd funding businesses in the world with a 100% focus on funding agriculture projects. Justin has remained active in their family farming operation in NW Iowa which has transitioned the majority of the farmland to certified organic in the last 5 years.  This allows him to stay very active in day to day changes in the production of crops and industry changes.

October 26 • 1h 8m 54s
Digital Agriculture: Sowing the Seeds of Online Income cover art

Digital Agriculture: Sowing the Seeds of Online Income

“The Field Advantage of Captive Financing”. General topic summary – Although banks can finance beyond what most captive lenders can, there is also a lot of red tape. Captive financing provides numerous benefits to agriculture customers including competitive interest rates, innovativeness – both tech and financing products, responsive/localized service, alternative funding options, and fast service. How captive financing is different from what a bank does Captive financing benefits to farmers Disadvantages Jordan’s Bio: Jordan Howe is a senior territory sales manager for Nutrien Financial. He provides financing expertise to growers across the Midwest to increase their buying power and maximize every opportunity for success. Learn more at How developing an online brand can generate income…. Where are they from, what do they farm, how did they get into farming How’s the family - do they farm with family? Tara Vander Dussen Natalie Kovarik Motto: “Agriculture you can relate to” What platforms are you on? Which platform did you see success on first? Do you think there is one platform better than another? What are ways individuals or companies can “make money” through social media? What was an unexpected revenue generating source through your online brand? Do you consider in-kind or product sharing revenue? Or is it just cost reduction? Where could farmers/producers get started on social media? What could/should they share? Do you start with posting or should you start with a plan? What does a social media plan look like? What are people interested in? Do you recommend a structure to their online presence?  Growing your Brand Where did you start with Discover Ag? What was the biggest contributor to the brand’s growth? What has sustained the audience since it grew? Did you have specials/events that brought people in? What do you recommend to others to draw people in? Does age of target audience matter? Older Audiences How do you get them engaged? How does our listener develop a target audience? What should people expect within the first couple of months of starting a platform? For small business - how to acquire leads in a low cost way? Ex. giving 10% discount to everyone that gives you a follow on instagram Is it easier as a business to build a social media presence or harder? Social Media Facts Less than 2% of the population is directly involved with agriculture 60% of the global population are social media users People use an average of 6.6 different social networks each month Average time spent on social media daily is 2 hours and 24 minutes Tiktok is the most popular platform in terms of time spent  26.8% of users discover brands, products, services via ads on social media 81% of organizations use social media to increase brand awareness 42.62% of organizations plan to increase their social media budget in 2024 72.8% of internet users use social media for brand research  What is Elevate Ag  What did we miss? Summary and Challenge What do you like most about farming and ranching or what do you like most about farmers and ranchers?

October 23 • 1h 11m 19s
F4F - Noah Hubbard the Korean Korn Farmer cover art

F4F - Noah Hubbard the Korean Korn Farmer

Noah @korean.kornfarmer     Instagram: 6.9k    YouTube: 225     TikTok: 208.6k   Catch Up Where are they from, what do they farm, how did they get into farming How’s the family - do they farm with family? Nebraska Came to the US in 1993 (adopted) What are they up to today? What they see that excites them? What do they want to make sure they see before they leave  Mail goal: education the general public what it takes to feed and power the world  4th Generation farm in central Nebraska Raises corn and soybeans on the family farm Creates content on Instagram and TikTok Bachelor's degree in diversified ag and minor in agronomy Dog - Remi  Rides in the tractor Names Equipment Dorothy, Agatha, Irene, Wilma, Adeline Farm Plants Pioneer seed Runs John Deere Loves classic vehicles - 54 chevy pickup Social media Negative comments How do you handle those? How has your audience helped you? How has social media changed his life? Why do it? How would he start it over differently? Which is their favorite platform? How do you deal with negative comments?  If you were an animal, what do you think you would be? Right now, who inspires you? If you could make anything bigger on your body what would it be?   Would you rather Be 4ft tall or 8ft tall Share a bed with a walrus or an eel  Ability to change the past or see into the future Only eat hot dogs or only eat macaroni and cheese Always be cold or always hot  Smartest person or funniest person Have no tiktok or not be able to drive a tractor and combine Adeline or Dorothy (i believe these are names of things)   What’s next for them? What can our listeners do to help? What do you like most about being a farmer?

October 19 • 42m 4s
Crypto and Farming: A Fresh Perspective with JP Baric cover art

Crypto and Farming: A Fresh Perspective with JP Baric

JP Baric, is not only a prominent figure in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency but also the brilliant mind behind, a trailblazing platform that has been instrumental in shaping the way we perceive and understand cryptocurrency mining. JP's journey in the crypto space began with an insatiable curiosity for the underlying mechanics of blockchain technology. Over the years, his passion evolved into a mission to democratize the process of cryptocurrency mining, making it accessible to enthusiasts, investors, and businesses of all sizes.   Segment 1: Understanding Cryptocurrency & Mining What is cryptocurrency  What is cryptocurrency mining, and how does it work? Explanation of proof-of-work vs. proof-of-stake consensus mechanisms. Discussion on the role of miners, hardware, and energy consumption in the mining process. How are his miners set up for energy use? Segment 2: Cryptocurrency as a Digital Currency How is cryptocurrency as a form of digital currency and its advantages over traditional fiat currency. What is fiat currency? How can cryptocurrencies be used for transactions and payments? Discuss the role of blockchain technology in ensuring security, transparency, and immutability of transactions. Mention key cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and their use cases. Segment 3: Applications of Cryptocurrency in Agriculture Discuss potential benefits of using cryptocurrency in agricultural transactions and supply chain management. Explore how smart contracts could streamline agreements between farmers, distributors, and consumers. Moo4ISU – selling dairy cows Highlight the challenges and opportunities of implementing cryptocurrency in the agricultural sector. Segment 4: Future Possibilities: Cryptocurrency in Agriculture Speculate on potential future uses of cryptocurrency in agriculture. How could blockchain technology be utilized for tracking the origin and quality of agricultural products? Discuss the potential for tokenizing agricultural assets, such as farmland or livestock. Jaclyn Wilson NFT Address concerns about scalability, regulatory hurdles, and technological adoption in the agriculture-crypto intersection. What are some real-world examples of cryptocurrency adoption in agriculture? What else did we miss? What is some advice for those looking to begin investing in crypto?   What do you enjoy most about farming, what do you like most about farmers? Summary Challenge Contact info

October 16 • 1h 20m 34s
F4F - Tony Reed & Nick McCormick - Illinois Icons cover art

F4F - Tony Reed & Nick McCormick - Illinois Icons www.sukup.come We explore the stories of the co-hosts of the Straight Forward Farming Podcast. Straight Forward Farming Our goal is to discuss American Agriculture from a farmers point of view. We'll discuss current farming trends, machinery from the past and present, how the farming community has changed for the better and worse, and the sometimes unintended consequences of ag policies from Washington D.C. Grab a cold beer and come join us!!!

October 12 • 43m 38s
Zach Johnson - Millennial Farmer with Wisdom from the Future cover art

Zach Johnson - Millennial Farmer with Wisdom from the Future

Millennial Farmer, Zach Johnson, is a 5th generation family farmer from West Central Minnesota. Zach actively promotes agriculture by sharing his day-to-day experiences on the family farm. His vision is to build the connection between farms and consumers. Zach's mission is to become a national voice for agriculture, provide farmer to farmer education, and facilitate a collaborative conversation between farmers and the public. With over a million subscribers on YouTube, Zach's passion, experiences, knowledge, dry sense of humor and relatable personality make him a hit with audiences of all ages. His unique abilities have made him a valuable asset within the agriculture community. Whether you're a seasoned farmer or simply curious about the world of agriculture, Zach will leave you with a new perspective and a deeper appreciation for the hard work that goes into producing our food. So join Zach on his journey and discover what it truly means to be a farmer in the 21st century.   Jason Cope - Understanding that perseverance is a very important factor. Stay focused on things you know you can achieve and accomplish.You can ‘minimize the background noise’ and continue to focus on that goal.  Do it in a way that’s good for yourself, but also good for others.The growth you’ll experience through that type of perseverance, is life changing.           Royce Johns - Don’t trust everything they say.Consider what they say and listen, but make your own decisions.   Tony Latcham – Don’t stress/worry so much.  Enjoy that time.  Life’s too short.  It passes by in a blink of an eye.    Joy VanWyngarden – Pick friends that are “where” you want to go.Hang out with like-minded people.   Jackie Wilson Flying Diamond Beef - Life will have challenges – keep a positive attitude, think about the big picture and do things for others.    Jacquelyn Leffler - No matter how you grew up in life, no one can take away your education.  But I would now change the word “education” to “experience”.  If you can figure out that the sky’s the limit, you’re gonna go far.There’s no limit to success.  If you have that mentality, success is yours already.    Viren Dsouza - Keep taking chances.  Don’t worry about others’ perception of you.  Do your own thing and go for it.   Nick Tsiolis, Farmer’s Keeper - Be a sponge!Absorb and learn and ask as many questions as you can.  You have energy, time, less commitments and can really throw yourself into learning your craft.  Totally immerse yourself in the learning.  WHO do I want to be, not WHAT do I want to be.  Look at people further along in life, and more successful and have more experiences than yourself.    Tom Stanton Red Star– Don’t be afraid to move.  Don’t be afraid to try something new.   Elaine Froese - Be aware of what your strengths are.  Know what you’re good at and what you should be valued at.  Have family meetings because you can’t assume everyone wants and feels the same as you.   Corey – Buy Land, however you can. Dave – Why are you in such a hurry to grow up?Travel NOW (when you’re young).(Huey & Annie also) Tanner – Go do “it”.You’ll never be fully ready, just go do it.

October 9 • 58m 45s
F4F - Michael Bergen - 1st Gen Farmer & Ultra-Marathoner cover art

F4F - Michael Bergen - 1st Gen Farmer & Ultra-Marathoner

@michael_bergen       Instagram: ___    TikTok: ___   YouTube: ___     Twitter: 4.8k    Catch Up Where are they from, what do they farm, how did they get into farming How’s the family - do they farm with family? Aurora, NE Started adult life Father, husband, coach 1st generation Nebraska row crop farmer Family owned and operated farm  --  Irrigated corn and soybeans for biofuels Childhood → Now 2 yrs old - pushed John Deere tractors across the floor 2006 - graduated from UNL → planted 1st crop on 145 acres Now: ⅔ corn, ⅓ soybeans Farms on top of the world's largest source of water, the Ogallala Aquifer - irrigate crops during summer Utilize center pivot irrigation, subsurface drip irrigation, and a smaller amount of flood irrigation Corn stored on farm in grain bins - haul during winter/spring 95% of our corn used for biofuels.    *huge supporter of biofuels Stewards of the land, water, and air  Fun facts: 100 mile runner, Future author Trap shooting - with his son, uncle, nephew Wife is the executive director of Aurora Development Corporation  Broke ground on $20M chemical manufacturing plant - 8/11/23 2 Twin Sons One has special needs (I’m not sure how willing he is to talk about it but posted on twitter) Worked 8 weeks before fair to show his animals Other son plays baseball  Started to let him drive the tractor on his own  Michael coaches high school track  Hamilton County Corn Growers President Leadership Academy - what did this include? Who attended?  Attended Commodity Classic A delegate for Nebraska Corn growers fro Corn Congress General Session Harvest Drought and intense heat ruined some of his crops - Ahead of schedule  If you were an animal, what do you think you would be? If you could make anything bigger on your body what would it be?   Word association  Twitter                                     Trap-Shooting                         Irrigation                      Biofuel Milk                                          Love                Popsicle                                  Mitten   Rainbow          Zoo                                          Bracelet           Submarine                               Whiskey                      Embarrassment          Disgust                        Science           Taxes     What’s next for them? What can our listeners do to help?   What do you like most about being a farmer or about farmers ?

October 5 • 1h 15m 59s
Beginning Farmers Road to Success w/ Gavin Spoor and Ethan Clarke cover art

Beginning Farmers Road to Success w/ Gavin Spoor and Ethan Clarke

Beginning Farmer Advice and Story Episode   When do you remember deciding you wanted to be a farmer? How did you decide to become a farmer? What inspired you to start your own farm instead of working on another one? Did you have any prior experience or background in farming? What were the initial challenges you faced when starting your farm? How did you acquire your land for farming? How did you start to acquire equipment for farming? What were your first purchases? Do you still have them? If you started over again would they be your first purchases?  What investments did you make in technology or automation to improve efficiency? Did you do this right away or were they upgrades? What crops or livestock did you choose to focus on and why? How did you learn about the best farming practices for your chosen crops or livestock? Did you face any financial hurdles in the beginning, and how did you overcome them? Did you have to work another job before starting your farm? Did you use loan products?  Private, conventional, government? Did you receive any support or guidance from agricultural organizations or programs? In your first few years, Did you face any weather-related challenges, and how did you adapt to them? How did you market and sell your farm products when you first started? Any marketing advisors help? Did you establish any partnerships or collaborations to enhance your farm's success? How did you build relationships with suppliers, buyers, or other farmers in your area? How did you get neighbors to not see you as “competition”?  How did you handle competition from other farmers or agricultural businesses? What role did networking and community involvement play in your farm's growth? What marketing strategies have you found to be successful in promoting your farm or crops? What were some of the most valuable lessons you learned during the early years of your farm? How did you balance your work-life responsibilities as a first-generation farmer? Is there really a balance in the beginning? Do you really just have to work hard? Did you have any mentors or role models in the farming industry? Have you diversified your farm's offerings over time, and why? What were the key factors that contributed to your farm's success? Looking back could you have done something different to have success sooner? Have you faced any setbacks or failures, and how did you recover from them? What are your future plans or goals for your farm? How do you measure the financial success and profitability of your farm? What advice would you give to someone considering starting their own farm today?

October 2 • 1h 1m 40s
F4F- Tractor Time with Tim - Super Charged Compact Tractors cover art

F4F- Tractor Time with Tim - Super Charged Compact Tractors Tractor Time with Tim YouTube Channel Sponsors for the episode today are:

September 28 • 54m 36s
Fueling Farming Success cover art

Fueling Farming Success Farm Progress Show 2023 Mike Newland   Mike Newland and I’m the director of agriculture business development for the Propane Education & Research Council, or PERC as you might know us. PERC is an organization that is funded by the propane industry to provide training and education on the safe use of propane in a variety of markets, including agriculture. We also work with partners to develop new propane technologies and initiatives. One of those partnerships is with Sukup Manufacturing.  Explore Mike’s career and hobbies…. What is Propane? How is Propane formed? What is propane made of? Why is it called LP? What’s the difference between propane and natural gas? How long has propane been around? How long will it be around – will we run out? Where does propane come into play for agriculture? Reliability: Not only does your equipment have to be reliable, but the energy used to power it must be too. There are many reasons our customers choose propane to power their equipment but the reliability of the energy source itself is certainly a key reason too.  Environmental Benefits: There is a lot of talk about clean energy and “electrifying everything” to curb emissions. While we at PERC are all about propane, we know that it will take a variety of energy sources working together to achieve sustainability and decarbonization goals.   Versatility: So many uses for propane, but Let’s talk about some of those lesser-known applications or the other ways propane can be used. Agriculture(organic), Transportation, Home Use, others? Cost savings: (True Farm4Profit Value) Producers face very high costs for all farm inputs including energy.  How has LP varied in cost compared to alternative energy sources? What are ways listeners can save by using propane? The Grain Drying Calculator allows users to simply input their average expected yield to determine the propane gallons needed to dry their crops by a specific moisture percentage. By planning and filling tanks before the hustle of harvest and winter seasons, you can make sure you have the energy you need—when you need it. And even save more in the process with those early tank fill programs Address any potential concerns or misconceptions related to propane use in farming Are there safety measures and regulations associated with using propane in agricultural settings? Do you have any insights into how farmers and agribusinesses can make informed decisions about integrating propane into their operations. Talk about the potential for innovation and advancements in propane-related technologies for agriculture. Discuss ongoing research, development, and partnerships that PERC is involved in to further promote sustainable propane use.  What about for PERC—what’s big in 2024?  Soil Steaming, Power Generation, Irrigation  What is the role of education and outreach in raising awareness about the benefits of propane in agriculture? What did we miss – anything extra to cover? Summary Challenge What do you like most about farming or what do y

September 25 • 59m 19s
F4F - The Modern Day Farm Chick & Whiskey Wednesday! cover art

F4F - The Modern Day Farm Chick & Whiskey Wednesday!   Annaliese Wegner @modfarmchick   Instagram: 53k    Email Subscribers: 4k     Facebook: 134k    Catch Up Where are they from, what do they farm, how did they get into farming How’s the family - do they farm with family? Wisconsin girl, dairy farmer, twin mom (Lane & Sage), & wife What are they up to today? What they see that excites them? What do they want to make sure they see before they leave  Wisconsin Dairy Farmer Born into dairy farming Studied dairy science at University of Wisconsin - River Falls Member of dairy club Met her husband (Tom) through the club Now: Tom and Anneliese farm with his parents on Wegnerlann Dairy In-laws established farm in 1986 Grown farm to milk 650 cows, 3 times/day, in double parallel parlor Has your role on the farm ever changed?  Shares modern-day farm life on social media Enjoys cooking, eating, drinking (Whiskey Wednesday), laughing, and hosting Farm + Grow Co. Started this business - she saw the consumer distance from agriculture Communication focused on engaging fellow farmers to share their story Why should farmers share their story? What has your role been through the company?  Farm + Grow Co. Programs The Retreat: Weekend of self-development March 7-10, 2024 in the Wisconsin Dells Goal: obtain tools to help you be the best version of yourself to serve your family, farm, and agriculture The Event: Gathering of 60+ other women (afternoon/dinner) A peer-t0-peer mentoring group Journaling and discussion The Mastermind: A virtual workbook and “session” Teaching how to promote agriculture that works best for you  Audience Details 82% are female Primarily ages 25-35 Is there anything unique you see with your audience? How has social media changed his life? Why do it? How would he start it over differently? Which is their favorite platform? How do you deal with negative comments?  If you were an animal, what do you think you would be? Right now, who inspires you? If you could make anything bigger on your body what would it be?   Would you rather Drink whiskey or tequila Live in a ranch home or old farmhouse Be wiping kids butts or spreading manure Drink white milk or chocolate milk Have meeting virtual or in-person Be on the beach or in the mountains Have a hotdog or a hamburger Fourth of July Parties or New Years Parties   What’s next for them? What can our listeners do to help? What can we do to help?   What do you like most about being a farmer or what do you like most about farmers?

September 21 • 36m 18s
Agris Academy: Educating the Ag Industry cover art

Agris Academy: Educating the Ag Industry

AgrisAcademy-Founders Jeff Kazin and Mike Rohlfsen Jeff:    spent 30 years in the grain trade.   Tell us some of the craziest/interesting  things you saw HTA squeeze on corn during the early days of farmers and HTA-  No illegal behavior 😊 Customer inspectors from buying countries Dead rats Found in a jail in Houston a first gen farmer.     Can you describe your operation and how your day job as a merchant/trading leader impacted it.     (the tailgate comparison of cost with our local BTO and friend) Mike:    includes 20 years in the grain trade before moving to the ag start up side of the industry. Cargills first employee in Ukraine.   What type of things did you see as you arrived post communist rule. How are things now in Ukraine? not from a farming family.   What was the draw  into ag and trading? What’s something wild you saw in the US trade Still wild today?   Jeff& Mike          What was the trade/series of trades you made the most money? Agris Academy Jeff and Mike founded AgrisAcademy.   We have hundreds of brokers/advisors serving the ag industry.   You make it clear your business is neither broker or advisor. You focus on education WHY?  “You cant win” “We see millions of dollars that should go from the market to farmers Story-  SE corn farmer “the buyer/bully”     Story of harvesting late corn in MN Clients scattered across the US corn belt.    Is there one thing in common they could do to improve their merchandising and marketing? AgrisAcademy has three different practices. Producer, industry partners, commercial Banks -Seed companies - Peanut crushers- other consumers Jeff:   You guys are putting on a Masters Class in merchandising and risk management  this fall.   Why? Comment from young lady post speaking engagement-  “They don’t want to teach us these skills” No platform available to learn at this level Ability to share information to a broader group than our retained clients Can you describe the Masters Class 10 weeks / 2x per week/ 2 hours instruction + 1 hr open interaction  40hours +, evening live class starting December, Office hours for 1-1 instruction, Recorded classes if unable to attend How does a producer sign up for the class?    How are you going to handle the amount of time needed? Limit class size -Interactive teaching with live QA -Scheduled office hours How can someone connect if they are an industry partner or a commercial looking for help? Website / email Micro consulting If you could go back to yourself at age 18 – what advice would you give? Summary/Closing

September 18 • 1h 6m 3s
F4F w/ Tork Whisler - "This'll Do Farm" cover art

F4F w/ Tork Whisler - "This'll Do Farm"

@barntalk                     Instagram: 15.3k    TikTok: 186.2k   YouTube: 88k @thislldofarm               Instagram: 25.4k    TikTok: 161.3k    YouTube: 51.3k @thislldo_tork              Instagram: 1.4k   @sawyerwhisler         Instagram: 1.5k   Catch Up Where are they from, what do they farm, how did they get into farming How’s the family - do they farm with family? Tork and Sawyer Whisner (father-son duo) Our vision is to promote agriculture in a positive light, while also showcasing who we are as people outside the tractor. Podcast - BarnTalk        started in 2021  interview style format Wide range of topics and stories that educate, inspire, and make you laugh out loud - from ag business to investing in cryptocurrency  How did they start? What motivated them? How did they build up to where they are today? What audience are you trying to reach?  What is your studio set-up? Are you actually in a barn?  With negative comments, how do you respond? Do you receive many?  How has the podcast impacted your father-son relationship?  Tork 5th Generation farmer in SE IA Youngest of 3 boys - both live 800 miles away - one generation between his father and him  Grew up raising hogs but left farm once they sold hogs “98 convinced them they were sticking with the hogs  Worked for construction companies for hogs → became salesman  7 years ago started working for Eichelberger Farms  Then came back to the farm 3 years ago → now has 3 hog buildings  This’ll Do Farm  How are you advocating for agriculture? How does “This’ll do” show that? What responses from producers are you hearing back? Is This’ll Do and/or BarnTalk making a difference? Where do you see it?  Who can access this online course? What are the next steps to getting involved?  If you were an animal, what do you think you would be? Right now, who inspires you? If you could make anything bigger on your body what would it be?   Word association - Take the word we share and say the first thing thing that comes to mind connecting it to agriculture Sofa                                         Morning                                    Bus Coat                                         Neighbor                                  Freedom Soft                                          Students                                   Egg       March                                       Boat                                         Telephone Heart                                        Whiskey                                   Hog         What’s next for them? What can our listeners do to help? What do you enjoy most about being a farmer or what do you like most about farmers?

September 14 • 1h 8m 49s
Thinking Ahead: The Key to Farm Success cover art

Thinking Ahead: The Key to Farm Success

Preventative maintenance with Emily Schmitt As of February 2, 2021 - Emily Schmitt, a third-generation family member, was been promoted to Chief Administrative Officer and General Counsel. She leads the legal, human resources, communications, strategic planning, and administrative functions of the company. Emily earned a bachelor’s degree in business management from Iowa State University in 2008, and went on to earn a Juris Doctorate from the University of Iowa College of Law with high honors in 2011.  After graduating she began working for Sukup Manufacturing Co. in Sheffield, Iowa as corporate counsel.Schmitt is the granddaughter of founder Eugene Sukup and daughter of current president and CEO, Steve Sukup.As the only lawyer at Sukup — which employs more than 500 people — she plays a vital role providing legal counsel at all levels of the company. When said out loud, what does preventative maintenance mean to you? In your role, why is it important to be thinking ahead? How far do you see yourself thinking ahead? Does that change depending on the situation or time of year? Emily Schmitt has fond memories of walking to the Sheffield, Iowa, office after school, playing good-natured pranks on staff members who felt like family.  How did growing up around the company help you gain perspective for the role you currently have? Would you compare the childhood perspective you gained to that of a kid growing up on a farm? TELL US ABOUT THE FAMILY MEMBERS INVOLVED AT SUKUP AND HOW YOU WORK TOGETHER. I work with my husband on a daily basis. My two kids are known as the recycling directors. Before COVID, they would take a wagon around and fill it up with everybody’s recycling and collect some candy. My brother-in-law, my dad – oftentimes we work five days a week.  What is the key to keeping family and work tougher but separate?  We have listeners that right in wanting the solution to not being mad or resentful at a parent or a sibling involved in the farm or business. DID YOU ALWAYS KNOW YOU WANTED TO COME BACK TO THE COMPANY FOR YOUR CAREER? What would you say to our listener who is currently in school or college or working off the farm that is trying to find their fit in the family business? In your role as CHIEF ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICER AND GENERAL COUNSEL. Is this where you were able to have a real focus on the future of the company and what needs to get taken care of now for growth to happen in the future? In 2019 Emily was named to the business record 40 under 40.  One of the main reasons what the preventative maintenance she does with the Sukup Employees. Giving employees purpose. Getting to know the employees further ingrains my dedication to them and the company.  An interesting fact about Schmitt: She created a jewelry line in high school, Gems by Em. She is using jewelry to help residents of Haiti. What do you do to tackle the tasks each day knowing that each day will be different? What is your key to prioritizing? How does this help with stress and your mental health? How do you get things done quickly when relying on other people?  Do you have any tricks that have helped you become better at thinking further ahead? What do you think about the phrase “Don’t assume you know what others need” Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback or insight Perseverance The business world is a highly unpredictable and stressful environment. It's all up to specific individuals and their ability to learn and reach their goals despite the uncertainty around them.  Anything else you’d like to share with our listeners? What do you enjoy most about working with and for farmers? Summary & Challenge

September 11 • 1h 1m 34s
Farm4Fun - Celebrating 100 Years of the John Deere Model "D" cover art

Farm4Fun - Celebrating 100 Years of the John Deere Model "D"

Chris Boyens – manger of the Classic Green Collectors club Hans Knutson (owner of display tractor) Introduce the Classic Green Collectors Club as an organization dedicated to preserving and celebrating vintage John Deere tractors and equipment Discuss the origins of the club, its mission, and its role in connecting enthusiasts Origins and Development of the John Deere Model "D" Tractor Introduce the John Deere Model "D" Tractor as a pivotal point in the company's history Give us context of agricultural machinery in the early 20th century Explore the factors that led to the development of the Model "D" Tractor What’s the significance of the letter “D” Technological Innovations and Features Dive into the key technological innovations and design features of the Model "D" Tractor What was cutting edge at the time? Engine specifications, power output, and mechanical advancements Big Horse? How it contributed to increased efficiency and productivity for farmers The Model "D" Tractor revolutionized farming practices at the time What accompanied the “roll out” of the D? Tillage tools, etc… Cultural and Societal Implications Was there ever societal impact of the Model "D" Tractor on rural communities Did it influenced the way farmers worked, lived, and connected with one another What were the tractor's role during wartime efforts and its contributions to food production Legacy and Evolution Explore the lasting legacy of the John Deere Model "D" Tractor in agricultural history How subsequent tractor models built upon the innovations of the Model "D" Highlight any collector or enthusiast communities that celebrate and preserve these tractors What makes a tractor special or collectible? How do those looking to collect learn about the process? Preservation and Restoration Talk about the efforts to preserve and restore Model "D" Tractors today What about the one that is here at the FPS Resources for listeners interested in learning more about restoration or acquiring their own Model "D" What else did we miss? Are there other models of JD tractors that played the same role? What’s the next big anniversary coming up with Deere?   What do you enjoy most about farming or working with farmers?

September 7 • 49m 54s
Innovations in Agronomy: Planning Ahead cover art

Innovations in Agronomy: Planning Ahead

John Deere Pre-Roll Around the Room – why do you need a Farm4Profit conversation today? As hosts what are you most looking forward to with this guest today? Remind people to hit SUBSCRIBE – REMEMBER TO LEAVE REVIEWS  Especially on YouTube Ryan Albers – Strategic Account Lead – Landus   Assessing Current Crop Performance and Soil Health How do you evaluate the overall performance of the current corn and soybean crops at this stage? What indicators or factors should farmers consider when assessing soil health during this time? Analyzing Yield Potential and Nutrient Management How can farmers estimate the yield potential of their corn and soybean crops? What role does nutrient management play in maximizing yield potential? What key nutrients should farmers focus on for corn and soybeans at this stage and how they plan for next year? How can farmers determine the optimal fertilizer application rates for the next growing season? Fertilizer Selection and Application Methods What factors should farmers consider when selecting fertilizers for corn and soybeans? Location, application, timing How does Growers help with this? What are the pros and cons of different fertilizer application methods (e.g., broadcast, side-dress)? Are there any new or innovative fertilizer products or technologies worth considering? Equipment and Infrastructure Considerations Are there any equipment or infrastructure upgrades that farmers should consider to optimize fertilizer application efficiency? On farm storage – offer any discounts? What does the supply chain look like for next year? Are there good prices to be available now? How does Growers help with this? What do you see your top tier of clients doing differently than that of others for early booking? Planning for the Next Growing Season How can farmers develop a comprehensive agronomic plan for the next corn and soybean growing year? What are some best practices for tracking and monitoring agronomic decisions throughout the season? Conclusion: Recap of key points and takeaways from the interview. Challenge Thanking the guest agronomist/expert for their valuable insights & share contact information   What do you enjoy most about farming, what do you like most about farmers?

September 4 • 55m 53s
F4F - Cory Book - West Central TX Farmer cover art

F4F - Cory Book - West Central TX Farmer

@corybook88           TikTok 8k    Only has tiktok?   Catch Up Where are they from, what do they farm, how did they get into farming West Central Texas How’s the family - do they farm with family? Cattle Cotton Wheat Hay Corn What else? - Irrigated How has the weather been? Farms with H2a Labor What are they up to today? What they see that excites them? What do they want to make sure they see before they leave  Member of the FarmTok Kitchen What’s his fav thing to cook? What has he royally screwed up cooking? What does he want to try cooking some day? What value has social media brought him? Who are some of his favorite follows? Where has been his favorite place to travel to? What does his like most about being a part of the agriculture community? What’s his least favorite part? Does he have any hobbies?   What would you go back and tell yourself at age 18?    Ag word origins Acre- referred to the amount of land a team of oxen could plow in one day bumper crop- In the mid sixteenth century we also see the adjective bumping genitals with the sense of growing in size. So, it’s no surprise that bumper would acquire the sense of abundance or greatness in size. By the mid eighteenth century we get this note of bumper being used in colloquial speech in exactly this sense balls to the wall - The balls in question are the round caps on the throttle of many aircraft, and when they are pushed all the way forward, close to the front wall of the cockpit, the aircraft is generating maximum thrust. Corn Night - The night before Halloween, 30 October, is traditionally a night when children and teens play pranks, such as smashing pumpkins, throwing eggs, toilet papering trees, and the like.   Word association   Element                       Water                          Kitchen                        Rubber                        Plain “E”                        Deck                                   Visitor                          Road                   Religion High School                Prom                           Package                      Wet

August 31 • 58m 55s
Navigating Sustainable Agriculture: A Chat with Primient & Truterra cover art

Navigating Sustainable Agriculture: A Chat with Primient & Truterra

Your two guests: Gregg Allard, Truterra: Can provide overview of Truterra’s work with downstream customers Laura Kowalski, Global Sustainability Manager, Primient: Can provide sustainability specifics across enterprise and on work with Truterra Laura’s Bio: Laura leads sustainability at Primient. She has over 10 years of experience working in corporate sustainability. Laura has a Master’s degree in sustainable management from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Laura lives in Naperville, Illinois with her husband and 2 young boys.  Gregg Allard Gregg Allard leads the Commercial and Strategic Partnerships team at Truterra where he is responsible for building and implementing regenerative agriculture programs with food, fuel, feed and fiber companies.  These projects include both supply chain insetting and carbon offsetting projects to support the Truterra network of growers across the US.  About Primient Primient is a leading producer of food and industrial ingredients made from plant-based, renewable sources. We deliver value through deep technical, commercial, and operational excellence that is backed by our long-standing corn wet milling heritage. Wherever we are in the process, from field to customer, our priorities are focused on ensuring we produce the safest, highest quality products through practices that uphold both our responsibility and commitments to our people and our planet. About Truterra Truterra is a leading agricultural sustainability business that offers consultation, tools and solutions for ag, food and CPG industries. Truterra works to advance and connect sustainability efforts throughout the food system at scale – from farmers to ag retailers to value chain collaborators including food and fiber companies. Truterra positions farmers for success by providing them tools and resources to establish a stewardship baseline, track progress on every field they farm, access conservation resources, and prepare for ecosystem services market opportunities.  Truterra was launched in 2016 by Land O'Lakes, Inc.         Primient + Truterra Working Together The goal: advance sustainable agricultural practices on acres equivalent to the global annual corn procurement volume (1.2 million acres).  Soil Carbon, Wind Erosion, and Soil Conservation metrics; as well as, Nitrogen Use Efficiency, Conservation Practices  How are these items monitored? Deployed and Truterra insights score through the Truterra sustainability tool. Blog post on Primient/Truterra work for reference:   Sustainable Supply Chain Details carbon markets/credits, which companies can purchase to offset their emissions,  Then there’s what we call Sustainable Supply Chain, which refers to the act of monitoring and evaluating a company’s supply shed to understand the sustainability qualities for something like corn, in Primient’s case.  Truterra helps them track and monitor to eventually be able to report for scope 3 purposes.  It may oftentimes be the same practices farmers are doing (reducing tillage, cover crops etc) that result in carbon credits, but a company is able to then take credit for this quality within their supply chain. Truterra’s role is to bridge the gap between farmers and companies with sustainability goals who choose agriculture to be a part of their toolkit of solutions. Questions What is a sustainable supply shed? Why are companies interested in it?  Why Primient is choosing to invest so heavily in this space?  What crops or products are involved? How did Primient get started in this space? How does Truterra work as an integral part of the solution?  How is the sustainability of the supply shed measured? Is this different than how carbon credits are measured? If I’m a farmer, what attributes are you specifically looking for in the corn that you procure?  How do you determine the bushel of corn that is different from regular? We saw regenerative ag in action today, and it's clear that it's both an art and a science and no one size fits all. Are you looking to tell the farmer how to raise the crop? can you speak to the importance of a partner that understands farmers' different growing environments? We are Farm4Profit – and it’s our understanding that Truterra thinks profitability and sustainability can go hand in hand – how do you see this coming to life for a farmer like (Corey)?  When does the juice become worth the squeeze? What else is important to cover today? Summary Challenge What would you go back and tell yourself at age 18?

August 28 • 43m 16s
F4F - Bryan Adams - Chainsaw Wizard cover art

F4F - Bryan Adams - Chainsaw Wizard

@bryanadams63      TikTok 12.9k    Catch Up Where are they from, what do they farm, how did they get into farming How’s the family - do they farm with family? Kids? Self made farmer from Ohio What does that mean? Gleaner combines How did you get started buying those? What’s the rest of the equipment? White tractor – deere tractors Farm without GPS? Tony reed tiktok about farming with all the technology (worth it?) Fixes up and resells chainsaws Tips for sharpening chains Where did he learn to fix them Make your own chain saw Makes his own chain Why spend so much time in the woods Price is right Game play Sense of humor Always had it? What is something that TikTok doesn’t know about you   Word Association Welcomed                   Shouts                         Ulterior-Motive                        Stupid                                      Thirsty                         Confusing                         Proud              Before                         Nut   Where are our listeners from? Parana – Brazil, South America Salburg – Austria, Europe Telangana – India, Asia Hoefudborgarsvaedi – Iceland Minnewaukan – North Dakota Edon – Ohio Bucyrus - Ohio   What’s next for them? What can our listeners do to help? What can we do to help?   What would you go back and tell yourself at age 18?

August 24 • 51m 52s
Growing with Purpose: What is Climate-Smart Agriculture? cover art

Growing with Purpose: What is Climate-Smart Agriculture?

Dylan Vaca | The DeLong Co., Inc                      CSC - Brand and Marketing Manager   Who is Dylan?      Who is DeLong Co.? To update our listeners what is a brief explanation of the concept of climate-smart agriculture How is climate change impacting global agricultural systems? Does policy impact them more than the climate change? What are the key challenges farmers face due to climate change? Climate-Smart Agriculture Practices  What are some sustainable farming practices that can mitigate the impact of climate change? What role do cover crops play in enhancing soil health and climate resilience? What is the science between practices?  Is every case different? Policy and Financing for Climate-Smart Agriculture  What policies or regulatory frameworks are in place to support climate-smart agriculture? How can governments incentivize farmers to adopt climate-smart practices? Are there any financial mechanisms available for farmers to access funds for climate-smart investments? Success Stories and Future Outlook  Can you share any examples of successful climate-smart agriculture initiatives? How can consumers contribute to promoting climate-smart agriculture? What are the key challenges and opportunities for scaling up climate-smart agriculture practices? In your opinion, what does the future of climate-smart agriculture look like? How do you balance the adoption of climate-smart practices with the demands of market access and consumer preferences? How successful has the Grow Climate Smart program been?  Carbon, acres, etc… What is the goal?   How much does it pay? What else did we miss?   Conclusion: Recap of key points and takeaways from the interview. Challenge Thanking the guest for their valuable insights & share contact information   If you could go back to tell yourself something at age 18, what would you say?   ·         The DeLong Company launched the new brand, Grown Climate Smart, which is dedicated to incentivizing and supporting the development of sustainable practices on farms. This brand is developed and managed by The DeLong Company Which was awarded a $40 million Climate-Smart Commodities USDA grant to develop and market a new brand that aims to track greenhouse gas reductions and  resulting from growers implementing climate-smart practices. o   The DeLong Company is a 6th generation family owned business with 38 grain, seed, agronomy and export logistics locations around the country. The DeLong Company is the largest U.S. exporter of containerized agricultural products. ·         We have over 200,000 sustainably farmed acres producing grain enrolled in the program for 2023. o   - corn, soybeans, wheat, rye, sorghum, alfalfa ·         The four practices we are encouraging farmers to do are o   Cover Crops o   Reduced or No Till o   Nutrient Management Plans o   Windbreak Establishments or Renovations   Other Talking points about sustainable farming ·         A key issue that the program seeks to address is the lack of a standardized definition of a Climate Smart Commodity. Grown Climate Smart hopes to not only establish a definition but provide clear examples and practices that meet climate-smart requirements. o   A CSC will be defined as a commodity produced on an acre of ground that employs a minimum of one high benefit NRCS practice, follows the general guidelines of the program, and is marketed and labeled as a CSC. o   The adoption of the practice should have a measurable impact on carbon reduction, and the commodity should be traceable in the supply chain. The implementation of this program will better define what a CSC is by identifying and communicating specific practices to be enrolled in a climate smart program, educating producers on CSC implementation practices, communicating and educating producers on how these CSC practices reduce GHG emissions and improve carbon sequestration, and marketing and labeling products as CSCs. Establishing a clear definition will enable CSCs to be effectively marketed to consumers. ·         Importance of Soil Health: The significance of soil health in sustainable and regenerative farming practices. Healthy soil supports plant growth, sequesters carbon, improves water retention, and promotes biodiversity. ·         Sustainable farming integrates three things: environmental health, economic profitability, and social and economic equity. ·         Sustainable practices are becoming more the norm, and less niche but we still have considerable work to do. o   I have some statistics I can provide from the USDA regarding the 4 practice trends over time.

August 21 • 50m 54s
F4F w/ Regan Bieber: Yes, She's Related to Justin cover art

F4F w/ Regan Bieber: Yes, She's Related to Justin

@regan_bieber           Instagram 68.8k    TikTok 125.9k    YouTube 154   Twitter ____   Catch Up Where are they from, what do they farm, how did they get into farming How’s the family - do they farm with family? Girl mom (Laikyn Rae) and wife - SD What are they up to today? What they see that excites them? What do they want to make sure they see before they leave  Religion is important – why showcase this? “The Real Life Hannah Montanna” – Why? How? Pregnant with second child - due mid harvest  Main operator in the farm operation Father is quadriplegic 16th birthday present (horse) impacted her life - how? The Cactus Brand - owner Promotes the sport of rodeo  midwest/western clothing brand  Make women of all sizes feel confident  How does she obtain other influencers to promote her brand? Helps husband sell registered red angus bulls This april she was cleaning a bin in -3F weather compared to last year putting fertilizer down Received tons of fan mail for “Justin Bieber” when younger Is she related to justin bieber Things to talk about The Cactus Brand - she owns this boutique  Father being quadriplegic Father is “Justin Bieber” Pregnant at 19 and again now Main farm operator in their operation

August 17 • 1h 1m 28s
ChopLocal: Connecting Locally Sourced Meats to You cover art

ChopLocal: Connecting Locally Sourced Meats to You

Jared Achen As a 4th generation farmer in southeast Iowa, there was never any doubt that ChopLocal Founder and CEO Jared Achen would return to the farm after completing his education. Alongside his father, sister and brother-in-law, he raises turkeys and row-crops in southeast Iowa. Have them each tell more about where they came from, back-story, and farms. What is ChopLocal? What is the premise? Founded by farmers Do you yourself sell products through the platform? Why start this business? Why ChopLocal? What problems are we solving? Get the highest quality meats for your family. Support local farmers and small butcher shops. Ensure your meat was grown & harvested in the US on farms near you. Help transform the meat supply chain. Have a business background? What were some of the hardest parts to getting this started? What would they do differently now if they started over? What about themselves during this process surprised them? Skills, determination, etc…. Back to ChopLocal….How does it work? Connects with farms and farm markets Select a product Pick up or Delivery Where are these farms located? Can any of our listeners sign up to sell a product? How do you “vet” the stuff that gets sold out there? What types of products are for sale? Meat Spices & Marinades SWAG What else? We have listeners that have business ideas, including us. What do you suggest are some good firsts steps to take to turn it into a reality? How did you get funding? How did you build out your platform? How did you attract customers? You’ve made it this far….What’s next? How can we or our listeners help you? Any more advice for our listeners that are curious about joining your platform or starting a business?   What would you go back and tell yourself at age 18?

August 14 • 1h 1m 22s
F4F w/ RumpChat - Rodeo's #1 Comedy Podcast! cover art

F4F w/ RumpChat - Rodeo's #1 Comedy Podcast!

@rumpchat     Instagram 14.3k    TikTok ____   YouTube _____   Twitter ____ @justin rumford          Facebook 15k   Catch Up Where are they from, what do they farm, how did they get into farming How’s the family - do they farm with family? Hilton lives in Weatherford with his wife, Whitney Rumford lives in Ponca City, OK with his wife and triplets (2 girls, 1 boy) What are they up to today? What they see that excites them? What do they want to make sure they see before they leave  Rodeo’s #1 Comedy Podcast Host: Justin C Rumford (10x ProRodeo Clown of the year) & Josh Hambone Hilton (2x ProRodeo Music Director of the Year) Over 150 episodes (7/7/23 - 150th episode) Nearly 2,000,000 downloads  Ranked in top 0.5% of all podcast globally Top 200 USA Comedy podcasts by Apple  Justin Rumford Third generation rodeo cowboy  Barrelman and Funnyman he enjoys most in rodeos Grew up in “Rumford Rodeo Company” (Dad = Bronco) Received a rodeo scholarship for Northwestern Oklahoma State University  Inspired by Lance Brittain, a PRCA bullfighter Had a bullfighting accident in 2001 at Denver - punctured his colon  Worked for Butler and Son Rodeo - driving trucks, hauling horses Became a funnyman in 2011 First year of clowning had 100 performances  Been the Coors Man in the Can 3 years PRCA Comedy Act of the Year in 2018 “Gorilla” act  Rodeos today have different responsibilities than a decade ago “If we don’t adapt we go away” - Justin Rumford  Decked out new 40’ trailer with Fast Signs (stickers) Josh Hambone Hilton Grew up in Sidney, IA Music Director for Iowa’s Championship rodeo Serves as Rodeo Director for the San Angelo, Texas Stock Show and Rodeo (currently lives here) Started with Cervi Rodeo Company - did some music at smaller rodeos  Then went onto Denver and the National Western Introduced electronic dance music to the bullfights - key ingredient to BFO format  Where are our listeners from? Nairobi – Cordoba – Parana –– Jakarta – Camarillo  - Muleshoe – Sperry    How has Rump Chat changed their life? Why do it? How would he start it over differently? Which is their favorite platform? Nairobi – Kenya, Africa Cordoba – Argentina, South America Parana – Brazil, South America Jakarta – Indonesia Camarillo – California Muleshoe – Texas Sperry – Iowa   If you were an animal, what do you think you would be? Right now, who inspires you? If you could make anything bigger on your body what would it be? – Smaller?

August 10 • 1h 7m 11s
Crop Resilience Redefined: Power Pollen Revolutionizing Corn cover art

Crop Resilience Redefined: Power Pollen Revolutionizing Corn

Power Pollen Airing 8/7/23 John Deere Pre-Roll Today’s episode is brought to you by Pattern Ag, predicting pest and pathogen risk in your fields. Don’t gamble with your yields, go to today! Around the Room – why do you need a Farm4Profit conversation today? As hosts what are you most looking forward to with this guest today? Remind people to hit SUBSCRIBE – REMEMBER TO LEAVE REVIEWS  Especially on YouTube What’s Working in Ag Segment – ZeaKal – Tanner & Jennifer Guest: Jason Cope brings more than 20-years of industry experience in the development of theoretical and applied engineering solutions from leading global agribusinesses. He currently holds more than 40 granted US and worldwide patents and oversees PowerPollen’s intellectual property strategy. He also guides operations and engineering initiatives for the company. Who is Power Pollen? History, Mission, Vision To preserve and enhance crop productivity by enabling superior pollination systems 2015 - Todd Krone(just left DuPont Pioneer) partnered with Jason Cope (engineer) Set up shop in Todd’s garage How does your new corn pollination techniques benefit ag? What factors increase yield and minimize risk with seed practices in pollination? corn, rice, and wheat How are you reaching your producer base?  Investors At what point did you see the business growing? Field operations custom designed machinery across in-field production on 22 customer fields Operations in IA, TX, & Puerto Rico How do you see global agriculture playing a part through expanding Power Pollen? Where will we start to see agriculture fluctuate due to the pollination of crops? What are the factors that affect the optimal time of applying the pollen? In a drought year, how much can farmers expect to be saved from their field with Power Pollen? Corn Seed impacts Yield Improvements Fewer male plants are needed → more females/acre = greater output and land utilization Less Risk with seed overproduction More Flexibility → expands window for planting Reasons: drought, flooding, climate changes How does Power Pollen overcome in a drought year? How is In-Season Control allowing farmers more flexibility? Are they meeting current market demand while in-season? An average 60% increase in oil over normal-hybrids with no reduction yield  What challenges do those producers face ahead? What did we miss? Summary and Challenge If you could go back and talk to yourself at age 18, what would you go back and say? Share Contact information

August 7 • 46m 9s
F4F - Royce Johns - Thank You Kindly cover art

F4F - Royce Johns - Thank You Kindly

@roycejohnsmusic     Instagram 2.7k    Facebook 31k   YouTube _____   Twitter ____   Catch Up Where are they from, what do they farm, how did they get into farming How’s the family - do they farm with family? Iowa raised - 515 area code What are they up to today? Husband, father, guitar picker, and singer/songwriter, “occasional grinner” Music Opener for: Sammy Kershar, Deana Carter, Sawyer Brown, Collin Raye, The Cadillac Three, Walker McGuire, Sunny Sweeney, etc.  Two records (Truckstop Souvenirs - 2018)(One Last Two Step - 2020) Goal: release full-length records to stand the test of time  Plan: releasing new full-length record compromised of songs writing in 2023 Playing music for 10 years Started at 19  ~150-200 shows a year Performs a lot around small town’s in Iowa 2021 - Iowa Arts Council funded next records with grants  Where do you want to be in 5, 10, 15 years? Why Iowa? Do you have the goal of traveling across the country? Who is your support system?  How far in advance are you booked out? How much time do you leave between each performance? How are you using social media to brand yourself? Has it come to your advantage?  Realtor Nothing I could find on this If you were an animal, what do you think you would be? Right now, who inspires you? If you could make anything bigger on your body what would it be?   Would you rather:  Lose your voice or unable to play guitar  Get lost in the wilderness of in a dangerous city  Day at Adventureland or day on the lake Eat all raw food or cooked food for every meal Famous on the internet or in real life Perform in Nashville or in small town Iowa   Word Association Ocean                         Coffee                         Lion                             Dance Adventure                   Book                            Butterfly                       Camera Serenade                    Laughter                      Farm                           Unknown   What’s next for them? What can our listeners do to help? What can we do to help?   What would you go back and tell yourself and age 18?

August 3 • 1h 25m 23s
Livestock Producers' Margin Protection Solutions cover art

Livestock Producers' Margin Protection Solutions

Livestock Margin Protection Airing 7/31/23 John Deere Pre-Roll Today’s episode is brought to you by Pattern Ag, predicting pest and pathogen risk in your fields. Don’t gamble with your yields, go to today! Around the Room – why do you need a Farm4Profit conversation today? As hosts what are you most looking forward to with this guest today? Remind people to hit SUBSCRIBE – REMEMBER TO LEAVE REVIEWS  Especially on YouTube Bios: Tony Latcham is the VP of Risk Management at Stockguard. He merges his unique experience as both a risk management consultant and producer on a 4th generation cow-calf and row crop operation to help other farmers identify and manage unexpected risks. Before joining Stockguard, he worked as an Agricultural banker for 15 years and as the CEO of a bank for five years. He then founded a risk management company, which has been serving farmers and ranchers across the Midwest for the past 13 years. He specializes in a wide range of areas, including financial consulting, market analysis, and risk mitigation. Jordan Morris is a Senior Risk Management Consultant at Stockguard. He is a first-generation farmer and owner of a feedlot and cow-calf operation in Southeast Iowa. As a Senior Risk Management Consultant, he is dedicated to sharing his knowledge of market trends and risk management solutions to help his clients meet their goals and secure their investments against unexpected risks. Talking points: Are there ways for livestock producers to protect their margins like row crop farmers do with crop insurance? What is Livestock Risk Protection (LRP) What is Livestock Gross Margin (LGM) What are ways that you have seen successful farmers and ranchers using these products in their operations? Is there anything available for our listeners that have Pasture/Rangeland/Forage (PRF)? The Future of the Stockguard Portal and How it helps producers  Crop Insurance high-level overview Do you have to physically own livestock to use theses products? How do farmers get access to these products? What else did we miss? What is the most common thing you see your most successful clients doing better or more different than others? Summary & Challenge What would you go back and tell yourself at age 18? Share contact information

July 31 • 39m 41s
F4F - Joy VanWyngarden - Outdoors: Farming & Hunting cover art

F4F - Joy VanWyngarden - Outdoors: Farming & Hunting

@joyvanwydgarden                Instagram: 16.3k   TikTok: 146.0k    YouTube: 35___    Catch Up Where are they from, what do they farm, how did they get into farming How’s the family - do they farm with family? Iowa native - 25 Major ag, outdoors and conservation enthusiast Hobbies: Hunting, fishing, hiking TikTok will take down any of her videos that have guns in it  As a kid brought random critters in the house - baby skunks once  Holistic health and wellness Training to become a yoga instructor  Does cold plunge (ice bath) - barrel or freezer  Cooks eggs and liver after her workouts Has a garden, dog, boyfriend Has a lifted ‘90 Ford truck  Classic country fan “Busch-mosas” - mentioned in a tiktok  Works for her dad Farms red Farming practices: cover crops, filter strip, no-till Jobs: Project Coordinator for the South Skunk River & Cedar Creek Watershed of Mahaska County Range and Safety Officer at Big Springs Shooting Complex How has social media changed her life? Why do it?  How would they start it over differently? Which is their favorite social media platform?  If you were an animal, what do you think you would be? Right now, who inspires you? If you could make anything bigger on your body what would it be?   Word association - Take the word we share and say the first thing thing that comes to mind connecting it to agriculture Coffee                                     Green                                      Luxury Beer                                        Pluto                                        Clock Javelin                                     Hero                                        Ball Yoga                                        Fear                                        Girl Fur                                          Future                                     Change Beauty                                     Mistake                                   Cold     What’s next for them? What can our listeners do to help? What can we do to help?   What would you go back and tell yourself at age 18?

July 27 • 1h 13m 7s
The Grow Room: Ag Innovation w/ Indoor Farming cover art

The Grow Room: Ag Innovation w/ Indoor Farming

Clayton Farms Airing 7/24/23 John Deere Pre-Roll Today’s episode is brought to you by Pattern Ag, predicting pest and pathogen risk in your fields. Don’t gamble with your yields, go to today! Around the Room – why do you need a Farm4Profit conversation today? As hosts what are you most looking forward to with this guest today? Remind people to hit SUBSCRIBE – REMEMBER TO LEAVE REVIEWS  Especially on YouTube Thank the listeners and launch into the introduction! Guest: Clayton Mooney Before becoming a co-founder of Clayton Farms, Mooney was a professional poker player in Ireland before returning to the state looking for opportunities to work for or found a start-up. He was a founder of KinoSol, which made solar food dehydrators, then connected with Pool to found Nebullam, now Clayton Farms. He now serves as an entrepreneur in residence with Start Something College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS)  Guest: Huey Boelen - Huey B Cool Immigrant from the Netherlands, former cricket and dairy farmer, lover of social media and great stories, and a great friend of Farm4Profit.   Who is Clayton Farms? History, Mission, Vision “Bring you the freshest, locally grown food” Greens grown/harvested in an driven indoor farm Founded in 2017 - by Clayton Mooney and Danen pool Original concept of designing, building, and selling a new generation of indoor farming equipment, then licensing the software to run indoor farms to buyers to run themselves Built demonstration farm at Iowa State University Research Park Selling lettuce and microgreens to local restaurants when COVID-19 hit How did you survive during the pandemic? How did you receive business from other restaurants? Did this lead to doorstep delivery? Background Food harvest/grown in neighborhood No pesticides  Harvested and delivered same day all year around What they’re growing Lettuce, radish, sunflower, beet, bok choy, pea, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, arugula, chard How the subscription works: Choose items → get delivery times → delivered to door-step→ reusable packaging  Locations: Ames, IA and Twin Cities Twin Cities location Received keys to building to harvest plants in 8 weeks  What made you come to the idea of your company? Did you grow up with an ag background? Where did your interest grow in ag? Did you have a greenhouse beforehand?  Why Iowa? Agriculture state - accessibility to ISU researches and ability to hire ISU alumni Iowa’s startup ecosystem - Iowa State CyStarters and ISU Startup Factory Ag StartupEngine invested in Clayton Farms in 2017 - follow-on investment in 2019 What other demographics would fit his company? Have there been challenges to selling people to subscribe? What promotions have you used? The Grow Room Launched in October 2022 A space for founders to not only work, but collaborate and connect at the ISU Research Park  Where do you see the impacting the community? What students are you seeing interested in it?  The Restaurant at North Grand Mall What are you most excited for in the future? What did we miss? Summary and Challenge If you could go back to talk to yourself at age 18, what would you say?

July 24 • 59m 28s
F4F W/ Junkyard Digs - He Can Make Anything Run cover art

F4F W/ Junkyard Digs - He Can Make Anything Run

@junkyard_digs      Instagram 84.7k    TikTok ____   YouTube 995k   Twitter _____      Catch Up Where are they from, what do they farm, how did they get into farming How’s the family - do they farm with family? Kevin Brown - Ames, IA Former US Army Aviation Mechanic Certified CH-47 helicopter mechanic  6 years of service in the Army National Guard (one deployment in OSS/OIS) Graduated from ISU in 2021 15 years of mechanical experience in engine and vehicle repair Engaged to Micah Uertz (Junkyard Mook)  Junkyard Digs - finding cool junk in the area and reviving it  Invited to events like the QA1 Open House or the Street Machine Nationals Show off cars like the Gambler 500 LeMans Ramp truck - “sketchiest thing hauled” Raced at Barber Motorsports Park (AL)  71 Satellite revival (neat story on how he found the owner in his hometown)  Drag race with it  Kansas Speedway bus Bought a bus 9 hr before race for $5000, went to menards to buy lumber, then drove to the race track  First bus they bought did not make it so bought one on the way there  Every year they go down in a different camper  Desoto project - drove down to AZ to swap the driveline into a disabled vets project car (drove a donated van)  Busch drinkers  How has hosting the Junk Yard Digs changed their life? Why do it?  How would they start it over differently? Which is their favorite social media platform?  If you were an animal, what do you think you would be? Right now, who inspires you? If you could make anything bigger on your body what would it be?   Would you rather Find a possum in a car or used baby diapers YouTube or Instagram Autocross race or enduro race Only drive 71 Satellite or Ford Durango the rest of your life Kansas Speedway or Indy 500 90’s music or 70’s music  Club or dive bar   What’s next for them? What can our listeners do to help? What can we do to help?   If you could go back to yourself at age 18, what would you go back and say?

July 20 • 1h 17m 11s
Revolutionizing Agriculture with Satellite Constellations cover art

Revolutionizing Agriculture with Satellite Constellations

Episode Topic: Using Technologoy to boost ag profitability while staying sustainable   @Lidiia Lelechenko. Lidiia is the Account Executive at EOS Data Analytics, she has over 6 years of experience in various roles related to SaaS solutions sales and research activities in sensory analysis. Lidiia holds a Master Degree in Viticulture, Winemaking & Marketing obtained in ESA (École supérieure d'agricultures d'Angers).    Where is she joining us from today? What is Viticulture? What is her professional background? How did she get to where she is today? Who is EOS Data Analytics? A Short Introduction of EOSDA: company background, numbers, and main solutions EOS Data Analytics takes advantage of cutting-edge geospatial data analytics along with AI-powered algorithms to boost businesses globally and address the challenges humanity is facing today. How EOSDA aligns its work with sustainable agriculture development: solutions capabilities, a social case study about Iowa  Drought tolerant crops What technology EOSDA uses to determine the environmental impact of natural disasters: an example of Iowa social case study Satellites and network connectivity? EOSDA Crop Monitoring, best features to boost farm productivity and profitability during the planting season. How does this help our listeners? What kind of data do they receive to help them make decisions. Why is EOSDA Crop Monitoring better than other solutions on the market?  Why will it continue to be the leader? Many companies process data, but we do have our own models that show efficiency. Our RnD team processes the images (presence of clouds, shadows, etc.).  A team of 25 Ph.D. professors and 60 scientists and developers. Thanks to such a team, we have the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the problems/needs of customers 100%, feel their pain, and can find an individual approach to each client. EOS SAT. The world's first agri-focused satellite constellation, among companies utilizing remote sensing technologies, is uniquely designed to serve agricultural purposes. Up to 100% coverage of the farmlands and forest areas in the top countries.  What are the technical aspects why did EOSDA decide to launch it?  How EOS SAT will help farmers solve day-to-day agriculture challenges. EOS SAT and its impact on climate change  Why is this a focus of EOSDA? What else did we miss? Contact information Summary Challenge Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give yourself or others at 18?

July 17 • 46m 39s
F4F - Jaclyn Wilson Founder of EnviroSmartBeef cover art

F4F - Jaclyn Wilson Founder of EnviroSmartBeef

@FDGenetics      Instagram 2.7k    TikTok ____   YouTube _____   Twitter 22.8k        Catch Up Where are they from, what do they farm, how did they get into farming How’s the family - do they farm with family? Lakeside, NE What are they up to today? What they see that excites them? What do they want to make sure they see before they leave  Fifth generation full-time caretaker of three bovine - Wilson Flying Diamond Ranch  Works with her father - Blaine Wilson Red Angus and Red Angus/Simmental composite operation 2002: Jaclyn came back to ranch after college 2019: founded Flying Diamond Beef 2023 National Beef Quality Assurance Cow/Calf producer of the year Founder of EnviroSmartBeef - founded in April ‘24 Grain finished cattle Tissue sample taken to give an ideal “days on feed” for animal to reach optimal characteristics 3 Concepts: human wellbeing, animal wellbeing, and environment wellbeing  Achievements:  On Peter Santello (1.68M subscribers) YouTube (last year) On a blockchain project w/ CO Department of Ag (May) Nebraska Hall of Agricultural Achievement Receive the coveted Leopold Covservation Award How has social media changed his life? Why do it? How would he start it over differently? Which is their favorite platform? If you were an animal, what do you think you would be? Right now, who inspires you? If you could make anything bigger on your body what would it be?   Would you rather Plant trees or branding cattle  Have a beer or have a cocktail  Road trip cross country or flying to a tropical island Work in heels or drive to work in reverse  Wear a cowgirl hat or a baseball cap Work in 0 degrees or 110 degree Buy a coffee or buy flowers    What’s next for them? What can our listeners do to help? What can we do to help?   If you could stand next to yourself back at age 18, what would you say?

July 13 • 1h 1m 44s
Defining Success: Insights from the Ag Industry cover art

Defining Success: Insights from the Ag Industry

2023 (January-May) Question - What does success look like to you?   Our listeners want to be successful, which is why they choose to listen to our podcast.  We have the pleasure of interviewing experts from all over in the ag industry all year and now we get to recap what success means to them.   Jacquelyne Leffler – Former KSU athlete owner & founder of Leffler Prime Performance Beef (DTC).  Planted her first crop in 2020 – 4th generation farmer in Americus, Kansas @jaxlef14   Finding a passion or love and living that each and every day.  Old adage “You’ll never work a day in your life doing what you love”   5/11/23 – Thur – F4F – E220 (E280) Ethan Clark, first generation farmer, Washington, IN Long term sustainability financially and environmentally. Do what you love, love what you do.  If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.    5/4/23 – Thur – F4F – E219 (E278) Bushels & Barrels – Ryan Peter Happiness.  Find what you love and do it better than anyone else.   5/1/23 – Mon – F4P – E125 (E277) Young & Beginning Farmer Loan Options – Kaitlyn Niemeyer I have my dream job and continue to educate people around me.Work hard and be a good person. Help whoever you can, whenever you can. It matters who you hitch your wagon to.  People who make you happy will make you a better person.   4/6/23 – Thur – F4F – E215 (E270) Dusty Berry – Coal Roller  Louisville, KY National Farm Machinery Show  Being able to do what you like to do and get paid to do it.  Being able to leave something behind for your kids when you’re gone.  Legacy.   3/2/23 – Thur – F4F – E210 (E260) Badger State PullingLouisville, KY National Farm Machinery Show Emily Matzke, Avery Elsing, Mason Elsing Emily: Having a business or work that fuels you.  There’s no point in working so hard, if you’re not going to enjoy life.  Success is balance between work and enjoying life. Mason: Not always working 24/7, 365 days a year.  You need to have fun. Avery:(The same as Mason)    4/3/23 – Mon – F4P – E121 (E269) Taking the Pulse of the Equipment Market – Andy Campbell, Tractor Zoom  If you wake up eager to do what you’re going to do.  You can’t wait to get at it.  And at night you go to bed smiling, fulfilled and accomplished.  Using those ‘bookends’ to your day, go out and do what you’re passionate about.    It’s all about family and how you treat them.  Family can be whoever you make or want them to be.   1/5/23 – Th – F4F – E202 (E244) - Gavin Spoor - Popcorn Farmer (and girlfriend Farmer Grayce) Omaha – Define Success Grayce – Happiness.  If I’m happy, I feel I’ve been successful. Gavin – 1) Having a huge crowd at your visitation and funeral.  People showed up to show your family how much they cared about you and how much you meant to them. 2) When it’s all said and done, leave something in better shape than when you found/got it…while also getting what you needed from it.  Successful farmers don’t just make a living off the land, they leave it for the next generation to get value from it as well.    4/27/23 – Thur – F4F – E218 (E276) Tyne Morgan      Commodity Classic-Orlando, FL Being mom! Being present and giving back to my community.  Leaving a positive image of ag.  Strong work ethic.  Whatever you put your mind to, you will do or be.  With enough hard work, anything can be accomplished.   3/30/23 – Thur – F4F – E214 (E268) Farmland Mike  Louisville, KY National Farm Machinery Show Being a good person.When your kids are grown up, and they still want to hang out with you.   4/20/23 – Thur – F4F – E217 (E274) Noah Young – Shiloh Farm  Louisville, KY National Farm Machinery Show  Waking up in a warm bed and house with your family.  Good health and being able to provide for your family off the land.  Build something to pass on to your kids.Wake up every day, and say “I can’t believe this is the life I get to live.”   4/17/23 – Mon – F4P – E123 (E273) Understanding the ROI of Cattle Buildings Bill Rubis, TenCorp Be a good husband and family member.  Have great conversations and collaborations with other people.  Help producers change and grow their operation.   2/2/23 – Thur – F4F – E206 (E252) Tony Reed – Growincorn2020   North American Conservation And Drainage Expo Money doesn’t matter.  At the end of the day, it’s your wife, kids, and family are all that matters.  Happy marriage and good kids, you’re successful.Success=happiness.   Success is a sense of having community.  Whether that be in your local environment, an online platform, or somewhere in between.   5/8/23 – Mon – F4P – E126 (E279) Mike Downey – Farm Raised Capital (Iowa Farm Bureau 1:00 commercial) Provide good information to your community.  To experience the fulfillment of helping others.  Be significant and impactful while helping others.   4/13/23 – Thur – F4F – E216 (E272) Chip Flory – Commodity Classic-Orlando, FL When you train your predecessor, and they’re better than you.  Your family is your legacy. When people you don’t even know tell you that you’ve had an impact on their life and their farming decisions.   3/13/23 – Mon – F4P – E118 (E263) Strong Leadership Habits with Steve Sukup Louisville, KY National Farm Machinery Show People want to be around you.  Not just in your office at a management level, but also personally.   2/20/23 – Mon – F4P – E115 (E257) Managing Water and Fertility with Dr. Lindsey Pease, University of Minnesota North American Conservation And Drainage Expo Success is leaving people after meeting, working with or knowing me, better than I found them.  Doing my small part to make the world a better place.   1/30/23 – Mon – F4P – E112 (E251) The Business of Fatherhood with Ben Killoy When is a veteran forgotten? When does your name no longer mean anything? A 100 years from now will your family say “Gpa used to always say/do that, and it’s still true today.”  Is there something you left behind that’s not just wealth?  Success is how well my kids know me. They know enough that what I did lives with them and through them in a way that keeps getting passed on.  How I lived, treated people, wisdom I left behind, and who you are are ‘anchor’ memories for your kids.    1/16/23 – Mon – F4P – E110 (E247) Finding the Right Entity Structure for You – Ryan Haaland Men of his generation thought being useful was the most important thing they could be.  Success is to be a useful member of the team.  (Book about a make believe town in Iowa, Gilliad)             Being of good character and having a clean conscious can lead to the feelings of success   1/12/23 – Th – F4F – E203 (E246) – Quick Dick McDick People that are true to their roots are living success.  Success isn’t money or stature, it’s being happy with who you are and where you’re at and being able to bring others to that same mindset.  Be ok with where you’re at!   1/9/23 – Mon – F4P – E109 (E245) - Top Advice for Farmers with Mike Burkhart "Father of FarmTok"  Mike, - Don't try to be a man of success, but a man of value.If your values are right, success will follow right behind it.              5/18/23 – Thur – F4F – E221 (E282) Farmer Beas, Tyler “Killer” Beas Louisville, KY National Farm Machinery Show  If you go home at the end of the day, and go to bed with no worries or problems, that’s been a successful day.   2/6/23 – Mon – F4P – E113 (E253) Tackling SNIRT with the Stock Cropper Guys Lance Peterson and Zach Smith North American Conservation And Drainage Expo Lance – Being able to sleep at night.  Being comfortable with all your decisions in life and not second guessing and having doubts. Zach – Leave things in a better place than I found them.  Leave a positive impact.   Success can be measured financially, but is it more stability than wealth?              3/16/23 – Thur – F4F – E212 (E264) Brian’s Farming Videos – Brian Brown  Louisville, KY National Farm Machinery Show When I look back, I’m successful if I can pass on a profitable farm to the family.   5/25/23 – Thur – F4F – E222 (E284) Kendal Johnson, multigenerational farmerLouisville, KY National Farm Machinery Show  Small wins to all add up to success.  Successful is being able to continue the family farm. work hard so that you can make the family more money than you cost; living broke until you can get your own farm; the ultimate goal is to get your own piece of the family farm.   Make the most of the gifts God’s given you.Make your blessings/opportunities have an impact   2/23/23 – Thur – F4F – E209 (E258) FarmerDan97 The Lord called us to be stewards of the land, and if we take care of it, He’ll take care of us.  Live life to His glory.   2/13/23 – Mon – F4P – E114 (E255) Swine Tech – Taking it to the Next Level Barrett Eller, Matthew Rooda Barrett – God put you on this earth for one intent, but He left you to pursue it.  Go chase your dream. Matthew – Make the most of the gifts God’s given you.  Make your blessings/opportunities have an impact.  Look back at the industry and see that you’ve made it better, that’s success.                Summary: Have faith and share the great news, passing along a legacy for the next generations to come, leaving things better than you found them, being of high character and being able to sleep at night, being a useful member of a team, being a person people want to be around, build a community around you and ultimately finding and doing what you love.   If you could go back and stand alongside yourself at 18 right now, what would you say?

July 10 • 1h 5m 7s
F4F - Corey, David, & Tanner Celebrating 4 Years cover art

F4F - Corey, David, & Tanner Celebrating 4 Years

Farm4Fun Hosts Show   Survey Results   Who are we? What’s your tie to agriculture? Why you said yes to being a host on the podcast Best memories since starting the podcast Worst memories since starting the podcast What have you learned from the podcast? What part have you learn the most from? Who have you learned the most from? What do you want to see us do in the future? What do you hope the future of the podcast becomes? What could our listeners do to help us get there? Who do you wish we partnered with? Which partner did you least enjoy working with? Any funny podcast hosting experiences? Any fun/weird/funny tradeshow travels experiences? Do you have any funny memories from high school? College? Any stupid stuff you did as a kid What was your first job? What do you wish your first job was? David – Fire Fighting stories? Favorite task on the farm Least favorite task on the farm Drink of choice What won’t you drink? Bucket list of places to see? How did you meet your wife? Favorite part about your spouse Not going to make you say the least favorite Favorite part about having kids Worst part? If you weren’t doing what you are doing what you would be doing? If we hadn’t started the podcast what would you be doing with your time? What could you never do? What have you done that you didn’t think you could ever have done?   Would you rather: Fly with limited equipment to record or drive and bring all the equipment? Record on site at a trade show or in studio with a guest? Never be able to choose a guest again or Never have a sponsor again Record a show as solo host or have to prepare the outlines Only get negative feedback or  What would you tell yourself at 18 if you could or one of our listeners at 18?

July 6 • 1h 20m 50s
Mid-Year Motivational Mashup cover art

Mid-Year Motivational Mashup

001-Pre-Show - Opening Clip Some real shit that you all need to understand. If you want to be the best in whatever you do, you gotta start acting differently than everybody else. If you want the nicest car, the nicest lifestyle, and the nicest partner, the best of everything comes with a price. It comes from grinding through those late nights. It comes from grinding through those early mornings and those exhausting days where your body is telling you to give up. Every day, you are presented with two paths. One path leads to your true potential, it leads to your dreams and goals. And the other path is you staying. The same. Most of you are stuck on the path of staying the same. Stop blaming everyone else and take responsibility. One of my favorite parts of the meetings and conferences I attend is the motivational speakers with great stories.  In celebration of 4 years of this podcast we wanted to provide you with an episode to reflect on if you ever need a little extra motivation.  We are taking 25-30 clips from tiktok from some of the leading motivational speakers to share with you today.  Listen in, take something to work on, and come back again to grab some more.  Ready to go?!?! 001-Opening Clip If you Stay in bed. If you stay on the couch, if you stay in your comfort zone. If you only do what is easy, your life will be hard. But if you do, what is hard, if you get up, if you grind, if you are relentless, if you work as hard as possible when other people are slacking off, your life will be easy. 01-Ed Mylett – Small margin of difference The difference between winning and losing in life and everything, and being a great mother and not a great father, and not a great leader, and not wealthy, and not a big business and not making a difference and not is so small, it's almost too scary to talk about. And that small thing. All my life I've been trying to figure out what's the thing, what's the separator? They read one book a month. They read one more. They do 30 minutes on the treadmill. No, they do 30 plus one more. They do 10 reps on the bench. Press no, 10 reps, one more. When you set that standard your entire life, Life begins to shift and change. 01-Setting bigger goals than you imagine helps you hit your true desires/goals Raise your standards. One of the most damaging things that any human can do is set low standards and then achieve those standards. I would rather you set your sights, not on the moon, but on the stars, because in the process of shooting for the stars, you will hit the moon guaranteed. But in the process of shooting for the moon, you might completely miss it and hit nothing. 01-Ed Mylett - The road to success will feel painful, but will be worth it in the end Let me tell you what comes on the road to success. If recently, at any point in the last 12 months, you've experienced doubt. If you have a lot of fear or anxiety on the road you're on, or if you've experienced those emotions recently about what you're doing, you feeling like an imposter, a give imposter syndrome, like nobody knows. I don't really know what I'm doing. You're on the road that I think you should be on the right road. The road less traveled. 02-Be more than average Just want you to remember that average is the enemy. Success is your responsibility, and change can take place in an instant if you are willing to flip the switch. 03-Aggressively working towards a goal you know will take time Aggressive patience is a concept where, where you, you work every single day. As hard as you can towards your goal, but you also understand at the same time that it's going to take time. All right? And this is a concept that people get very confused about because you hear people, other people out there say, patience. You gotta be patient, you gotta be patient. And people misinterpret that and think that like that means that they can just chill. Yeah, and their goals will eventually happen, and that's just not the way it works. It's aggressive patients. It's executing day in, it's executing day out. It's executing for weeks, months, years.     03-Something that will help you be patient is developing a love for the journey The man who loves walking will walk further than the man who loves the destination. And when you love the journey, the goals just happen. You hit milestones as a side effect, cuz it doesn't matter at that point. I don't care if I can lift this much weight or run this fast. I mean that's cool, but I don't love it as much as I love the journey, I love the journey.  What does the journey consist of? Sucking at something, failing, getting better, learning. Start it over, do it again. When you fall in love with the journey, everything else takes care of itself. 04-Ed Mylett – watch out for those who want to squash your dreams Dream big. And protect those dreams. Not everybody wants to see you win. And the reality is, the bigger your dream, the more they want to shit on it. They're gonna be so intimidated because you're gonna have to change and become your higher self. You're gonna have to become different. You're gonna have to have more commitment.  You're gonna have to dedicate more time, and that means more time away from them. And that's why most people are like the crabs in a bucket. They want to pull you down. And they wanna hold you down because they don't want to see you thrive because you are now going to have to disassociate from them. You better set big dreams. You better set big goals, and you better work like a fucking monster to chase those big dreams down and achieve them. Otherwise, you'll have a lifetime of regret. 04-What are the costs of not changing? You should be afraid of taking risks and pursuing something meaningful, but you should be more afraid of staying where you are. If it's making you miserable, the clock is ticking, and if you're miserable now and you change nothing in five years, you'll be much more miserable and you'll be a lot older. 07-You control your story and how it gets told after you’ve made it. Your hardships, your challenges, your situation will either be the reason you don't make it, or it will be the story you tell when you do make it, and you get to make that choice. 08-MidShow Hype video about getting back to work – wake them back up You've made no progress, none. Get back to fucking work. It's time to get back to work. I don't care what you're gonna do, but go out there and make something of yourself for God's sake. Don't make excuses. Don't blame any other person or any other thing. So with your fucking excuse life, one big fucking head game you're losing. 08.1-Matthew McConahey – put in full effort Don't half ass it, don't half ass it. Boy, that never goes outta style, does it? I mean, think about it. If you're gonna do something, you've chosen to do something, whatever, it's easy, hard. If you give it your all and you don't half ass it, win, lose, draw. Get what you want, don't get what you want, whatever the outcome is. If you don't half ass it, at least you're not gonna have to wonder, ooh, would the outcome been different? What if I did give it my all? 09-Ed Mylett – Make a difference for your name You could be the one in your family to change the trajectory of your bloodline. I'm the one in my family. I'm the one. And it is important for you to take that pen back that people have written in your, your book of life, and realize as many other pages that are blank, that you could start rewriting how the story goes. But you have to give yourself permission first, permission to heal, permission to realize that you're not broken, that you are lovable, you are worthy, that you are capable, you have everything you need. Do. There's not a goddamn thing that someone else has that you don't have.         09-Matt Damon – acceptance and motivation One of the most profound things that anybody's ever said to me when he was 20 years old, we started writing goodwill hunting and he said, Hey, judge me for how good my good ideas are, not how bad my bad ideas are. Mm-hmm. And that to me is the most important thing when you embark on a collaborative process with somebody. It's like you gotta get the, the window open to throw every idea in there and, and not be afraid to have ideas. Cuz we all have ideas and sometimes you need to idea and then you iterate on that and they iterate on that and then it. Builds into a good idea, but you have to feel free to express it. That's right. Safe. Exactly. Mm-hmm.  10-Three traits of successful people Surperiority complex, feeling they deserve better and massive insecurity, 3rd they had control over their impulses 11-You can ask for help, others can support you You gotta change that shit, man. Yeah, but you don't understand my life, David. Yeah, I do. I get that mentality. I once had that mentality that no one understands what the fuck I'm going through. And if you keep that mentality, you're gonna stay in the same exact spot that you're in. You're never alone. Everybody's going through shit. So when people get this mentality of like, you understand me, you can throw a fucking rock to someone that can understand you if they're willing to break themselves down and stop hiding. A lot of people understand you. That's why I tell people a lot of people are going through shit. They just hide. Hide better than you did. 13-You have to be honest with yourself If you wanna be the best of the best, if you wanna survive, no matter what happens, if you wanna thrive, no matter what happens, you can't second guess yourself. I can't gamble on you if you're not willing to gamble on yourself. I can't trust you unless you trust yourself. You're asking me to be honest with you, when's the last time you were honest with yourself? There's always a reason. If your business is not thriving, there's a reason. If your relationship is not thriving, there's a reason. And you know what the crazy thing is? Everybody in this room knows exactly what that reason is, but you won't have that honest conversation. You win yourself, but you tell everybody else. Be honest with me. Everybody wants somebody to be honest with 'em until it's time to be honest. 16-Mel Robbins – Retraining your brain – fix your filter  When you tell your mind what's important to you, there is extraordinary science that proves that your mind has a live and ever-changing filter. A, a live network that changes how it views the world, what it lets in, what it blocks out. And if you program your mind correctly, and if you're clear about what you wanna create, your mind will help you get what you want. 18-We have to get out of the victim mentality The easiest thing in the world to do is to complain, blame and quit and settle. That's the easiest thing in the world to do, but it takes real work to deconstruct and to reconstruct the thought process and the mindset of an individual when they're trying to change something. That's why I always say to people, what's more important, what we acquire or who we become? 19-Joe Rogan – Can’t compare yourself to others or to time and age Is a really important one cuz people have this idea that somehow I'm 30 years old, I shouldn't be doing this anymore. I'm 50 years old. I should have learned by now. That's all bullshit. Throw that away, toss that aside. You like these ideas of numbers that people have in their head that by a certain age you should br stop. You are alive. And if you are alive, and if you are thinking all those numbers that you keep attaching, will, you know when Einstein was 30 heater? Shut the fuck up. Stop doing that, that that is a waste of your time. And stop saying to yourself, I should be better by now. I'm such a total non helping thought. What you need to think of is life. You're living, you're alive right now. And if you've made a mistake and you're still continuing to learn and grow, that's, that's all. Just data.      20-Stop Comparing You can’t compare yourself to someone until you have all the information.  You don’t know what they are going through or where they have been. 22-Gary Vee – surround yourself with good people If you start hanging out with people that want you to win, you will have more self-confidence. If someone's telling you you're awesome, instead of you suck, you're a different person. 23-Mel Robbins – Making decisions by how we feel is a dangerous action 95% of our decisions are made by how you feel in the moment, and that is the problem. Do I feel like getting up? No. You don't? No. Do you feel like making that cold call? No. You don't. Do you feel like doing that third set of reps? No, you don't. We make decisions based on our feelings, and that is robbing you of joy and opportunity. If you accept the fact that you may never feel ready and you may never feel motivated, and you may never feel. Confident. You may never feel courageous, and that's okay, but you can still push yourself forward. As you start to see yourself becoming the person that takes action, guess what happens? You build the skill of confidence and courage.  26- Average people talk solutions Don’t dwell on the problem, switch your thinking to be focused on the solutions to be successful 27-Be brave in your ability to speak I have something to say that you're not saying. If, if you do, then it's your fault. This is your fault, it's your problem. And you might say, well, I'm too afraid to talk. It's like, fair enough. How afraid are you not to talk? You know, people say to me frequently, they compliment me on my bravery, and I think you don't understand. I'm not brave. I don't, I don't like conflict. I'm way more afraid of losing control of my tongue than I am of the consequences of saying what I have to say. Because I know what happens when we allow other people to control our tongues. It's not good. 28- Theo Von – Proud of you statement I'm proud of you. I'm proud of you. Cause I know how hard it is to take care of ourselves. That's why I think I was so hard on myself a lot of times. I think because then at least it, it puts it on me, which was the only thing that I felt I could try and rely on anyway. 29- Joe Rogan – Tell someone else what they mean to you – make their day Be the person who steps forward, starts it off, makes an action, tell someone how much you care and appreciate them. You can do that. We can all do that, and we've all had it done to us and it feels amazing when someone comes up to you outta nowhere and goes, Hey man, I just wanna tell you, I really appreciate you. I know, I know. Yeah. Sometimes we don't talk to each other that much, but when I do, I really enjoy it. 30- How do we work to change the world? I would challenge you guys to realize that the way that we're going to fix the world is not because of a president. It's not because of a media company. It's not because of your social media account. It's gonna be because of you deciding to live a higher standard in all areas of your life. If we want a better world, we have to create a better world for ourselves.  Other people will follow suit, and that's how the world changes. So when you look around the world and you say, my life doesn't matter, I don't matter, actually realize that it's the opposite. Your actions matter the most because your actions are gonna dictate the reality for another human being, and that human being is going to inspire another human being, and that ripple effect cannot be quantified. And we all have a responsibility to contribute to it. So that's my challenge. Be fucking better.   Summary Challenge

July 3 • 51m 13s
F4F w/ Viren D'souza the Best Looking Fat Guy in Agriculture cover art

F4F w/ Viren D'souza the Best Looking Fat Guy in Agriculture

@Milkabot       Instagram ___    TikTok ____   YouTube _____   Twitter 4k   Viren D’souza   Catch Up Where are they from & What’s their tie to agriculture? How’s the family - do they farm with family? Out of Canada (maybe Ontario) What are they up to today? What they see that excites them? What do they want to make sure they see before they leave  Self Proclaimed - Agriculture Soldier of Fortune What does that even mean? Second language: Arabic  Omar Little of Compactors Omar Little is a fictional character from HBO series “The Wire” Steals from drug dealers D’souza Farms Systems Bring innovative products and services to the marketplace to increase productivity Distributor of Orkel brand compactors in Canada Provides custom baling services - helping find a solution to transport bulk material Sawdust, corn silage, mulch, log bark Hemp? – Weed? Energy market - what companies would be attracted to this opportunity? Where are you seeing this baling growing? Is the demand rising?  Where across the world are producers seen? How are you moving to a more sustainable economy with Orkel? Twitter sayings “Best looking fat guy in agriculture”     “if in doubt, give it clout” How has social media changed his life? Why do it? How would he start it over differently? If you were an animal, what do you think you would be? Right now, who inspires you? If you could make anything bigger on your body what would it be?   Hot takes - agree or disagree with the statement and why  City street parking should be considered public space Apple Music is better than spotify Spiders get a bad reputation Vacations are pointless Pop tarts are overrated  The only acceptable beer to bring to a cookout is a light beer The beach isn’t that fun   What’s next for them? What can our listeners do to help? What can we do to help?

June 29 • 52m 17s
Weather Patterns and Impact on Revenue cover art

Weather Patterns and Impact on Revenue

Nutrien Ag Solutions Guest: John Maman of Nutrien Financial. John is focused on helping growers make proactive adjustments to their crop and financial plans in response to external variables that affect profitability.  Nutrien's Principal Atmospheric Scientist, Eric Snodgrass, is also available to talk about weather impacts since typically that's one area that plays a critical role in determining the success of every crop.   Who is Nutrieng Ag Solutions? History, Mission, Vision Provides customers with complete agriculture solutions including nutrients, crop protection products, seed, service, and digital tools How many producers have marketing plans?  Let alone, how many have financial plans? What factors should farmers be aware of when reviewing their financial plans? market trends, including supply and demand factors, government policies, and global economic conditions What are some tips to protect one from weather impacts and market fluctuations? Manage your cash flow effectively Does Nutrien offer any price forecasting? Have a contingency plan What strategies do you suggest or have seen executed? Manage your capital and have a sound financial plan in place Having capital on hand (cash or credit) gives you options Who should producers be working with to aid in the decision making process? Diversify Yeah, we know, but how? Will we start to see the economy fluctuate toward the downside of the commodity cycle? John - starting to see more stability  Weather impacts What explains the weather patterns we’ve recently had across the midwest? Where will you see the most impact from this? When do you think we’ll move into the El Nino phase? Tell us about your thoughts about the weather shifting from La Nina to El Nino How will El Niño influence the prevalence and distribution of pests and diseases It’s early now, but what are long range forecasts predicting for fall harvest weather or for length of growing season? Are we seeing weather become more violent?  Where are you going to see weather play an impact on the economy? What challenges do those producers face ahead? What did we miss? Summary and Challenge If you could go back and talk to yourself at age 18, what would you go back and say?

June 26 • 1h 53s
F4F - Marcia Cripps - Agronomist to Coder cover art

F4F - Marcia Cripps - Agronomist to Coder

Marcia Cripps @marciac95_ Instagram: 1.1k    TikTok: 13.3k     Twitter: 8.5k    Catch Up Where are they from, what do they farm, how did they get into farming How’s the family - do they farm with family? Adopted from China From Flushing, Michigan  What are they up to today? What they see in the world that excites them? What’s her tie to agriculture? Where does her motivation come from? She wants to retire “like tomorrow” AgInfluence co-founder Digital ag marketing and software agency Integrate academic research into marketing and promotion  Full-Stack Software Engineer Works remotely  Has worked with Israeli and other nations outside of the US Agronomist  QUIT this - why?  the hours, pay, remote work, personal incidences, did not look forward to work  industry culture that is outdated  Was not allowed to go to “men only” event did not “look” the part customer would only make sale if she slept with him putting in double hours to be good microaggressions  Not to post on social media → why?  Hobby: horses  Retired race horses  Farming with horses Uses AI in her daily work life chatGPT → auto-gpt  How has it benefited you? Efficiency? What are some trouble spots with it? Where do you see agriculture implementing and growing with AI? How has social media changed his life? Why do it? How would he start it over differently? Which is their favorite platform? How do you deal with negative comments?  If you were an animal, what do you think you would be? Right now, who inspires you? If you could make anything bigger on your body what would it be?

June 22 • 1h 20m 45s
Essential Considerations for Starting Your Agritourism Business cover art

Essential Considerations for Starting Your Agritourism Business

Diane Van Wyngarden Diane Van Wyngarden is a highly respected educator and community leader based in Iowa. She has dedicated much of her career to serving as an Extension Educator with the Iowa State University Extension, where she has worked tirelessly to provide educational resources and support to farmers and rural communities across the state. In recent years, Diane has focused her efforts on helping Agri-Tourism farms to thrive, recognizing the critical role they play in promoting sustainable agriculture and boosting local economies. Through her work, Diane has earned a reputation as a passionate advocate for agriculture and rural development, and as a tireless champion for the people and communities of Iowa. What is agritourism, and what are some examples of successful agritourism businesses? What are some of the biggest challenges that come with running an agritourism business, and how can you overcome them? How do you identify a unique selling point for your agritourism business, and why is it important to have one? What are some important considerations to keep in mind when starting an agritourism business, such as zoning laws, liability insurance, and permits? What are some common mistakes that people make when starting an agritourism business, and how can you avoid them? How can you promote your agritourism business effectively, both online and offline? What are some ways to diversify your revenue streams as an agritourism business, such as offering classes, selling products, or hosting events? How can you create an engaging and immersive experience for your visitors, and what are some best practices for doing so? What are some trends and changes that are affecting the agritourism industry, and how can you adapt to them? How can you build strong relationships with local businesses and organizations to support your agritourism business? How can you measure the success of your agritourism business, and what metrics should you be tracking? What are some resources and networks that you can tap into as an agritourism business owner, such as industry associations or mentorship programs? Agritourism businesses can be costly to start and operate, and there are some expenses that are often overlooked. Here are some examples: Permits and Licensing: Depending on the type of agritourism business you're starting, you may need to obtain permits and licenses from local and state governments. These can be expensive and time-consuming to acquire. Liability Insurance: Agritourism businesses often involve visitors interacting with livestock, equipment, and other potential hazards. It's important to have liability insurance in case of accidents or injuries. Infrastructure: Agritourism businesses often require infrastructure like parking lots, restrooms, and picnic areas. These can be expensive to build and maintain, but they're necessary to provide a safe and comfortable experience for visitors. Marketing and Advertising: It's important to promote your agritourism business to potential customers, but marketing and advertising can be expensive. It's important to develop a comprehensive marketing plan that targets your ideal customers and fits within your budget. Employee Training: If you have employees working on your farm or ranch, it's important to provide them with proper training and safety protocols. This can be time-consuming and expensive, but it's necessary to ensure the safety of your employees and visitors. Maintenance and Upkeep: Agritourism businesses require ongoing maintenance and upkeep, from repairing equipment to mowing fields to cleaning up after visitors. These costs can add up over time and should be factored into your budget. Taxes: Agritourism businesses are subject to a variety of taxes, including property taxes, sales taxes, and income taxes. It's important to understand your tax obligations and to set aside funds to pay them. Legal Fees: Agritourism businesses may require legal assistance for issues like liability waivers, zoning laws, and contract disputes. Legal fees can be expensive, so it's important to have a plan in place to cover these costs. Accessibility: Making your agritourism business accessible to visitors with disabilities can be expensive, requiring the installation of ramps, handrails, and other accommodations. It's important to factor these costs into your budget and to comply with accessibility regulations. Emergency Planning: Agritourism businesses need to have emergency plans in place for situations like severe weather, medical emergencies, and power outages. Developing and implementing these plans can be time-consuming and expensive, but they're essential for the safety of your visitors and employees. What did we miss? What advice would you give yourself at ag 18 or to someone who is 18 and listening to use right now Summary & Challenge       Here are 10 successful agritourism businesses in Iowa: Living History Farms: Located in Urbandale, Living History Farms is an outdoor museum that showcases Iowa's agricultural and rural history. Visitors can take guided tours, participate in hands-on activities, and explore a working 1875 farm. Picket Fence Creamery: This family-owned dairy farm in Woodward offers tours, tastings, and events, as well as a farm store where visitors can purchase ice cream, cheese, and other dairy products. Summerset Winery: Located in Indianola, Summerset Winery offers tours, tastings, and live music events in a picturesque setting overlooking the Iowa countryside. Center Grove Orchard: This family-friendly orchard in Cambridge features a pumpkin patch, corn maze, apple picking, and other seasonal activities, as well as a farm store and bakery. Buffalo Ridge Orchard: Located in Central City, Buffalo Ridge Orchard is a popular destination for apple picking, cider tastings, and hayrides, as well as a farm store selling apples, pumpkins, and other produce. Iowa Wine Tours: This company offers guided tours of Iowa's wineries and vineyards, with options for private and custom tours as well as group packages. Howell's Pumpkin Patch: This family-owned pumpkin farm in Cumming features a corn maze, petting zoo, and other activities, as well as a pumpkin patch and farm store selling pumpkins, gourds, and other fall decor. Hansen's Dairy: This farm in Hudson offers tours of its dairy and creamery, as well as a farm store selling milk, cheese, and other dairy products. Maquoketa Caves State Park: While not strictly an agritourism business, this state park in Maquoketa features hiking trails through a network of caves and rock formations, as well as a campground and picnic area. Rustic Ridge Winery: Located in Lisbon, Rustic Ridge Winery offers tastings of its award-winning wines, as well as live music and other events in a scenic rural setting.   Agritourism is an industry that's constantly evolving and innovating. Here are some examples of new and emerging types of agritourism being offered: Farm-to-Table Dinners: Many farms and orchards are now offering on-site dining experiences, featuring locally-sourced ingredients and seasonal menus. Agricultural Education and Workshops: Visitors can now learn about specific aspects of farming, such as beekeeping, composting, or sustainable agriculture through workshops and classes offered by farmers. Farm Stays: These are similar to traditional bed and breakfasts, but guests stay on a working farm and can participate in farm activities, such as milking cows, collecting eggs, and feeding animals. Agritourism and Wellness Retreats: Some farmers are partnering with wellness professionals to offer yoga, meditation, and other wellness activities on their farms. U-Pick Flowers: In addition to traditional u-pick fruit farms, some farmers are now offering visitors the chance to pick their own flowers, creating a unique and colorful agritourism experience. Farm-to-Spa Experiences: Some farmers are now incorporating their own farm-grown herbs, fruits, and other ingredients into spa treatments, creating a unique and locally-sourced wellness experience. Agritourism and Adventure: Many farms and ranches are now offering adventure activities, such as zip-lining, horseback riding, and hiking, giving visitors a chance to explore the outdoors and connect with nature. Virtual Agritourism: With the pandemic, many farms and ranches are offering virtual tours, workshops, and tastings online, giving people a chance to experience agritourism from the comfort of their own homes. Agritourism and Glamping: Some farmers are now offering glamping (glamorous camping) experiences on their farms, with luxury tents, comfortable bedding, and on-site amenities. Agritourism and Art: Some farmers are now collaborating with local artists to create art installations and exhibits on their farms, creating a unique and creative agritourism experience.

June 19 • 1h 9m 19s
Farm4Fun W/ Derrick Josi cover art

Farm4Fun W/ Derrick Josi

Derrick Josi @tdf_honest_farming         Instagram: 63k    YouTube: 13.1k     Twitter: 19.9k    Catch Up Where are they from, what do they farm, how did they get into farming How’s the family - do they farm with family? Kids? - 3 girls and 1 boy (5th generation); married  Met his wife on a blind date? In 2011 What are they up to today? What they see that excites them? What do they want to make sure they see before they leave  Oregon Dairy Farmer  Farms the same land as his great grandfather - Alfred All-Jersey dairy herd, produced nearly 35,000 lbs (3,000 gallons) of milk per day 450 acre farm: double-12 herringbone parlor, a free stall barn, grows 500 acres of corn and grass silage, and includes open pasture for grazing  What methods do you use to farm with Derrick’s parents, Don and Desi? Past 15 years - extensive renovations (infrastructure, reduce labor, and relocate the milking parlor out of the flood plain) What benefits have you seen from this? Any other big projects coming? Derrick and Kaycee were knighted with the 2020 Young Jersey Breeder Award What helped you get to this position/spot?  Author - An Industry Worth Fighting For Offers readers a glimpse behind the curtain of a working dairy farm  Does not shy away from sensitive topics He presents reality in terms that are stark but sensitive…a balance as delicate as the lives for which he is responsible  What inspired you to share your story? What are your goals? How do you want to impact the readers?  TDH Honest Farming Tillamook Dairy Farmer  Keynote Speaker Where have you spoken? Most powerful time?  How did you get started? How has social media changed his life? Why do it? How would he start it over differently? Which is their favorite platform? How do you deal with negative comments?  If you were an animal, what do you think you would be? Right now, who inspires you? If you could make anything bigger on your body what would it be?   Would you rather Have a pause or rewind button in your life Live in a treehouse or in a cave Give up coffee or soda forever  Have your own theme park for your kids or your own zoo for your kids Forget your partner’s birthday or your anniversary every year Be the funniest person in a room or the smartest person in a room    What’s next for them? What can our listeners do to help? What can we do to help? Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give yourself or others at 18?

June 15 • 1h 3m 1s
Navigating Bearish Grain Markets cover art

Navigating Bearish Grain Markets

Grain and Livestock Marketing Show Nick Tsiolis  last name pronounced "Cho-liss"   Who/ What is Farmer's Keeper –  A service that gives Farmers grain Pricing Tools like HTAs, Min/Max, Accumulators, Managed Pricing Programs, with no margin calls (because we use the same clearing firms the elevators do to hold margin) that can be flexed to deliver to any elevator.  Our Customer Base - over 1,000 Corn, Soybean, and Wheat Farmers from 25 states, ranging in size from 150 acres to 90k+ acres. All levels of operation sophistication. Why is this episode important for Farmers?  Hedge future price risk on physical grain without margin requirements and then be able to flex delivery of those bushels to the best basis bid in their area when ready to search basis.  Can you give an example of how you work with your Customers?  Advising Farmers how and when to execute different Pricing Tools. Then seeing through transactions from setting a futures price, to searching basis bids, all the way to delivery and settlement.  What are some pieces of advice for marketing during Bearish Grain Markets?  Since prices have fallen dramatically in the last 4-6 months, we're growing our customer base  Can you help our listeners understand Market Fundamentals? Discuss the basics of grain and commodity markets Explain the factors that influence market prices Provide insights into supply and demand dynamics Is there a difference between Crop and Livestock Pricing? Explore different pricing strategies for crops and livestock Discuss the pros and cons of forward contracts, futures markets, and options  Why is it important to develop a Marketing Plan Discuss the importance of having a comprehensive marketing plan Explain the key components of a marketing plan Provide guidance on setting marketing goals and objectives When working with your clients, how much does utilizing Crop Insurance come into play for their plan? Discuss the role of crop insurance in managing risk How can we be leveraging Technology in Marketing? Discuss the advancements in technology for grain and commodity marketing (GFY) Explore digital platforms and tools that can aid in marketing decisions  Is there such thing as diversification in Marketing?  Explore the benefits of diversifying marketing strategies  What do you do for Tracking and Evaluating Marketing Performance of your plans with your clients? Explain the importance of tracking and evaluating marketing performance Discuss key metrics and indicators for assessing marketing success Provide insights on adjusting based on performance evaluation On the podcast we like to learn from others Successes and Failures  Discuss the value of learning from both successful and unsuccessful marketing experiences Share stories of farmers who have learned from their marketing endeavors  Overcoming Psychological Barriers How do we take the emotion out of marketing decisions? Address the psychological challenges farmers face in marketing their crops and livestock Discuss common fears and anxieties related to marketing decisions  Lastly, the podcast will air one week later, what are some short-term pieces of advice in the markets we are facing now? Summary Challenge What would you go back and tell yourself at 18 or tell someone now who is young and listening?

June 12 • 1h 13m 28s
Farm4Fun w/ Natalie & Tara from Discover Ag! cover art

Farm4Fun w/ Natalie & Tara from Discover Ag!

@DiscoverAg                Instagram: 4.5k    TikTok: 18.3k    YouTube: 356    @nataliekovarik    Instagram: 116kTikTok: 21.1k  Twitter 2.3k.   @taravanderdussenInstagram: 48.3k   TikTok: 5.6k      Catch Up Where are they from, what do they farm, how did they get into farming How’s the family - do they farm with family? Tara Vander Dussen & Natalie Kovarik Podcast Discover Ag     -  Motto: “Agriculture you can relate to” Give their professional farming opinions on the top trending topics in the ag and food space to help you better understand the food system and connect with the hands the feed us ~80 episodes                started in April 2022 How did they start? What motivated them? Who is their support system?  What misinformation were you hearing that encouraged you to share the truth about myths?  What is the audience you are trying to reach?  How do you respond to negative comments or perception towards agriculture online?  Do you notice differences in perception towards women in agriculture or online?  What advice would you give to women who dream of a career in agriculture?  Tara Vander Dussen New Mexico Native: Born and Raised 5th Generation Diary Farmer and Farm Wife - grew up and now on a dairy farm Girl Mom to Two Whiskey Drinker and Fast Talker (Auctioneer fast????) Lover of all things Southwest including Green Chile, Turquoise and Beautiful Sunsets An environmental scientists on dairy farm projects What are some of your proudest projects? Most challenging?  Natalie Kovarik Mom to 3 Boys (Tad, Jaks, Rue) – killer names From Central Nebraska  Kovarik cattle Co - cow calf operation w/ a growing registered herd What is Elevate Ag?  Online course and community where farmers, ranchers and other producers can come together to access the tools and information they need to craft, share, and monetize their own personal Ag story while confidently advocating for the Agriculture industry  What responses from producers are you hearing back? Is Elevate Ag making a difference?  Who can access this online course? What are the next steps to getting involved?  How has hosting the Discover Ag changed their life?   Why do it?  How would they start it over differently? If you were an animal, what do you think you would be? Right now, who inspires you? If you could make anything bigger on your body what would it be?   Start, Bench, Cut Breakfast, lunch, dinner Tequila, vodka, wine YouTube, TikTok, Facebook Denim, sweatpants, chinos Road trip, flying, cruising Shopping, museums, bar hopping   What’s next for them? What can our listeners do to help? What can we do to help? Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give yourself or others at 18?

June 8 • 1h 10m 49s
Farm Family Dynamics: Breaking the Control Barrier cover art

Farm Family Dynamics: Breaking the Control Barrier

Inter-Family Communication  Who is Elaine Froese? Certified professional speaker, certified coach, and author with 40+ years of professional speaking, working with farm families, and farm partners Her expertise is to discuss what she calls the undiscussabull ™ Award-winning author - written 5 books over the past 25 years sharing her passion to share simple, practical, and actionable tools with farm families  Communication and Decision Making Moving to the Next Generation   Listener Question:  An episode idea I have, farming with your family. I farm with my grandpa, my dad (Major decision maker), and myself. My wife quit her job this January and is helping on the farm. My dad has a hard time giving up control, and have been struggling with that. Any help or resources you have would be great! Is it as simple as making a plan? Stop the procrastination now → change is a good process, ask for help in making the changes needs in preserving a happy farm family legacy What are the steps you suggest in making a new plan? Who should be involved?  How do we help farm dads let go of control and stop “micromanaging” Does it sometimes stem from fear? What are farm dads afraid of?  The Father Factor in Farming How have fathers influenced their son/daughters beliefs & attitudes in their farm career? How can families honor and recognize their dad? How are young farmers supposed to be heard? Listener Question:  I’m a 7th generation farmer in central Virginia. We run a commercial cow calf and custom feeding operation currently. My question is do you all have an episode or could you incorporate into one, family farm salaries? It is a hard topic to discuss and I was just curious of y’all’s input. Recent newsletter about hiring for the position not for family? The theory of fitting a salary and job description together and having the most qualified member, possibly family, fill that role. Who gets to do what on the farm? Does family blood line guarantee you a farm job? Who is deciding how much each individual gets paid?  What are the guidelines for confidentiality and openness as the same time? HR Department in Corporate World When to have the discussion on who gets to be an owner of the farm assets and when? Who gets the final say on who does or gets what? How to deal with hiring/training for new employees on farms? Back to the original question, to you what does it mean to “Embrace the Fight on Your Farm” How do you stop conflict on the farm? (or should you not stop conflict?) How to decrease the anxiety over the uncertainty of your future? Talk with yourself first Visit a quiet place that gives you and your spouse joy and energy Talk to each of your adult children privately along with their partners or spouses Set a date for a family meeting  Do what you promised you would do Celebrate your new mindset  Then What?  Listener Question:  And lastly what are some different, creative ways in which the future upcoming generations in the family farm have “bought out” their dad or grandparent (or whoever) that are exiting the farm operation? Maybe list off a couple of examples & hint at a deeper dive in succession planning episode for the future? What did we miss? Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give yourself or others at 18?  Summary and Challenge

June 5 • 1h 16m 59s
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Farm4Fun w/ Kaylene Ballesteros

@kayleneballesteros  John Deere   Catch Up Where are they from, what do they farm, how did they get into farming How’s the family - do they farm with family? Two boys - Trey and Cade (look young)  Iowa born and raised Graduated from UNI in 2010 w/ B.A. in Public Relations - 2012 graduated with Masters in Marketing/Marketing Management  2010 - John Deere - now Product Marketing Manager, Digital Solutions (since Aug. 2022) Before within John Deere:  Product Marketing Manager - See and Spray Product Manager - 4 Series SPrayers Sales Content Coach Platform Content Coordinator Recruiting JDPS and Factory Communications What is she doing down here at Commodity Classic? What are some passions of hers outside of work? Youth Rodeo Sports Leon Youth Rodeo?  Host a youth based rodeo - family centered entertainment Offers events from stick horse race to bull riding  What is something she has always wanted to do? What does she enjoy most about working for Deere?   If you were an animal, what do you think you would be? If you could make anything bigger on your body what would it be?   Would you rather:  Always be under-dressed or overdressed  Always 30 minutes early or 10 minutes late Be hungry or thirsty Lounge by the pool or on the beach Margarita blended or on the rocks  Never use social media again or never watch another movie ever again      What’s next for them? What can our listeners do to help? What can we do to help?   What does success look like to them?

June 1 • 36m 41s
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Agronomy Partners: A Farmers' Winning Edge

Redstar and Agronomy 2024 Conversation Bio~Ryan & Kristin Mullenhoff / Owners Ryan and Kristin were born and raised on farms near Leigh, NE, in 2004, they started a small seed corn and soybean business. They welcomed their only child, a son Jackson Charles in May of 2005. Over the next couple of years, they quickly found this "short-term" opportunity to become their forever future.  In 2010, they added fertilizer and a list of other services prompting them to change their name to Ryan Mullenhoff Sales, LLC. Over the next couple years their fertilizer sales thrived and in 2018 they developed and branded their own line of low-salt starters called REDSTAR Fertilizer. They expanded in to other states. To better reflect their company, Ryan and Kristin officially changed their name to REDSTAR, LLC in 2020.  After realizing the success of REDSTAR Fertilizer, Ryan and Kristin expanded their branded line to include Biologicals, Seed Treatments, Amino Acids, Adjuvants and more.In 2023 they introduced a third division of REDSTAR called REDSTAR Branded.    Main Talking Points The Early Days of REDSTAR (formally Ryan Mullenhoff Seeds) How did you initially get started What were some of the biggest challenges What did your operation and team look like back in those days REDSTAR FERTILIZER Where did the idea of low-salt starter fertilizer come from? Did you solve a problem? How did adding fertilizer affect your business What made you decide to build and produce your own line of branded fertilizer What makes your fertilizer unique Company Growth What kind of growth has your company seen, and what challenges or opportunities has it brought to your business For listeners looking to grow their farm or business what do you have for advice? Let’s Talk about the RED Why REDSTAR, why the RED Fertilizer What makes RED so much better and what’s behind all the RED What make REDSTAR Different than other Ag Dealerships What are some things that you do that set REDSTAR Apart Ryan and Kristin Tell me what it's been like working together for the last 19 years? How do you handle disagreements? How do you manage work and family life How have you grown in your ability to communicate effectively? What have been your biggest accomplishments since you started this company How have you customers attacked the rising input costs going into the 2023 growing season? What do you see being the biggest agronomic challenge facing growers this year? Weather, Disease, Insects, Fungicide availability What has the adoption rate been with your client base for using biologicals? Where do you see input prices going next year? What are some key things our listeners can do now to focus on maximizing the potential of this year’s crop? How many of your growers use cover crops? What else did we miss? Summary and challenge Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give yourself or others at 18?  Share contact information

May 29 • 58m 20s
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Farm4Fun w/ Kendal Johnson

@farmerjohnson620    Instagram 2.5k tiktok 24k. youtube 2.9k Subscribers.    Catch up            Where are they from, what do they farm, how did they get into farming How’s the family – do they farm with family? Kids? = 2 What are they up to today? What have the seen that excites them? What do they want to make sure they see before they leave? Farms in southern Ohio Stahl Farms? All Red Equipment 4 Quad tracks 5 combines Kinze carts planters & Peterbilts Most people’s dream farm line up What crops? What kind of drone does he fly? What the favorite job on the farm? Least Favorite Is Ohio even in the Midwest? What’s wrong with Iowa? What’s something that happened on the farm as a kid that changed you forever? How has social media changed their life? Why do it? How would she start it over differently? Which is their favorite platform? If you were an animal, what do you think you would be? Right now, who inspires you? If you could make anything bigger on your body what would it be?   Stump the guest What would happen if Pinocchio said “My nose will grow now”? If you hate haters then doesn’t that make you a hater and therefore hate yourself? Who taught the first teacher?....... Why does your nose run but your feet smell? How did we decide Feb only gets 28 days and some months have 31…couldn’t we balance that? If revenge is a dish best served cold and revenge is sweet, does that make revenge ice cream?       What’s next for them? What can our listeners do to help? What can we do to help?   What does success look like to them?

May 25 • 45m 5s
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Safeguarding Farmer Profitability : Flex Lease Insurance

Flex Lease Insurance Guest: Guest Bio   Who is Common Ground IO? What are their offerings? Who is Hudson Crop? History, Mission, Vision Hudson is a market-leading specialty insurer that offers a wide range of property and casualty insurance products to corporations, professional firms, and individuals through retailers, wholesalers and program administrators How did this partnership come about? Flex lease insurance  How it works: If… Commodity prices rally after you have contracted grain, or Commodity prices fall after your Flex Lease Agreement is negotiated based on current market rates and you didn’t contract your grian hoping for a price increase later in the season And… Your Flex Lease Agreement has a bonus clause that you must pay more to your landlord in rent due to higher revenues Then… Flex Lease Insurance covers the difference from the agreed upon rental rates in your agreement and the new rental rate whether due to a bonus or a commodity price fluctuation How has progress come? What impact will this project have on ethanol production in the midwest Why is it such a focus now? How will this help farmers? Advantages of flex leases The actual rent paid adjusts automatically as yields or prices fluctuate The avoidance of committing to a fixed rent amount at a time when many production and market variables remain unknown  Risks are shared between the owner and the tenant, as are profit opportunities Operator - some level of risk protection should costs rise or revenue disappoint Landowners are paid in cash - they do not have to be involved in decisions about crop inputs or grain marketing  Landowner - an opportunity to benefit financially from higher yields and favorable commodity prices How are the producers getting paid?  How are flex leases more beneficial/different than other leases?  Disadvantages Landowner - a flex lease can increase their exposure to risk (compared to a fixed cash lease agreement) Operator - higher revenue from increased yields and/or prices is shared with owner Both parties - flex leasing greatly increases the contract’s complexity Other Questions How are you marketing this to producers to bring them in?  Is there more risk doing a flex lease? What other means are suggested in adopting to reduce the risk?  With a flexible lease, how is the payment for rent in advance determined? Does it change the final payment that depends on the actual prices and yields? Determining Price Expected revenue trigger = expected county yield * projected price * trigger election  To establish a trigger, the producer may elect the following deductible options: 110%, 115%, 120%, and 125% Final revenue = Final county yield * harvest price  What date is used when the crop may be sold later Are forward contract prices included?  What are you most excited for in the future? Flex Lease What challenges may the flex lease face ahead? What can we and our listeners do to help? What did we miss? What does success look like to you? Summary and Challenge

May 22 • 1h 3m 53s
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Farm4Fun w/ Farmer Beas

@farmer_beas            Instagram: 3.2k    TikTok: 74.0k    Tyler Beasley   Catch Up Where are they from, what do they farm, how did they get into farming Does he farm with family? What are they up to today? What they see that excites them? What do they want to make sure they see before they leave  Farmhand in Southern Indiana  Rudolph Farms? Did he grow up on a farm? Massey Ferguson Equipment  Favorite tractor? 3120t Massey Ferguson? “The ghost’ Did they really get a “New to him”, Fendt class 8 combine  What crops? Soybean, corn, wheat? More?  Just got his own farm ground this year starting out with nothing  What have been some obstacles?  Where does he see it going? Future goals? Did he start a YouTube?  What’s his favorite part of the job? Least favorite Mullet hair style  When did it start and why? What ever happened to beers in the shop podcast? How has social media changed his life? Why do it?  His goal: to show that farming is more than just tractors, gps, and watching this grow  midday planting snacks What is his favorite?  How would he start it over differently? Which is their favorite platform? If you were an animal, what do you think you would be? If you could make anything bigger on your body what would it be?   Would you rather Lose your sight or lose your memory Have a full phone battery or full gas tank Drink from a toilet or pee in a litter box Live in a treehouse or in a cave  Cut the mullet or never farm again  Fortune or fame    What’s next for them? What can our listeners do to help? What can we do to help?   What does success look like to them?

May 18 • 44m 45s
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